January 16th - Good Food, Good Stretches, Good Viewers

My Thoughts 🤔 我的想法

I'd like to thank those of you who are looking at my website and continuing to read my posts. It is really motivating for me to keep writing and improving my posts day by day. I've even began to make the pictures that I take better and better. Setting up my food, finding cool locations for poses and workouts and I'm thinking of actually purchasing a simple camera for videos and pictures. I went from 10-20 views in a month to 100 views a month and now my peak is 1000 views this month! Dang! Thank you all.

Exercise 💪 运动

My exercise today is the norm. I am focusing on flexibility and cardio but I am trying something out... Yoga. Not just simple stretches from yoga but a full yoga exercise. Man, it was tougher than I thought and my flexibility is not as good as I thought.

After Maling Kung Fu School I plan on trying to do some yoga classes along with martial arts classes and joining a normal gym so I can get back into weight training. It will be tough, and rough on my future paycheck but it will be worth it.

I'm still doing the "No Gym" workout too and still modifying a couple of the steps. I'm doing different pushups, different kinds of squats, different kinds of ab workouts but the burpees are still burpees.

Study 🧠 学习

Right now, I'm studying some simple stuff. Things that are opposites like Thick vs Thin, Fat vs Thin, Clear vs Dark, Heavy vs Light etc etc.

I'm also thinking of picking up some HSK books while I'm in China so that I can study and prepare for the HSK test when I'm back in the USA.

抬起 Tái qǐ to lift
竹子 zhú zi bamboo
zhòng heavy
qīng light
hòu thick (flat things)
báo thin (flat things)
thick (cylindrical/round things)
thin (cylindrical/round things)
坚持 Jiān chí to persist, to persevere (动词, Verb)
自称 Zì chēng to call oneself
广东话 guǎng dōng huà Cantonese

What are you all doing this weekend?

-Johnny "白武龙"


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