January 15th - Snow

Snowy Buddha Man

My Thoughts πŸ€” ζˆ‘ηš„ζƒ³ζ³•

Today, I seized the day! (Even though I slept in till 10am) I've done 2 (maybe 3) hours of working out. (See below) Then I reviewed my Chinese vocabulary and finally I bought some final things I need for my trip to China, which is quickly approaching. I even meditated for 5 minutes today which helped me improve my focus. I really need to keep doing that every day and I'd like to start reading a book again too but that is for another time. (Maybe while in China?)

Snow got on my phone

Exercise πŸ’ͺ 功倫

Today I did two/three hours of working out.

1st Hour: Lots of stretching and me powering through the "No Gym" workout. I don't know why today's 3 sets of that workout were hard but man they were hard. I've also started modifying it so that I do different workouts (hitting the same muscle groups) as the sets progress.

2nd Hour: Lots of power stretching and active stretching, including a long time on the straddle stretch which should help me fall into those painful splits.

3rd Hour: This was the fun out door Kung Fu time where I practiced a couple forms and even did stances out side to see if the cold affected my flexibility. It is pretty fun practicing in the snow, once you've warmed up, because... its just fun. The snow challenges your balance and strength while the cold is a constant battle on your lungs. It just makes the basic things harder.

I'm really wondering how 6 hours of working out each day will change my body.

Study 🧠 学习

YUP! The same video and I'm still using the same website as before. Really, I'm just reviewing the same few words so that I can really feel confident checking into a hotel but I won't be 100% sure until I've successfully done it once.

Another challenge that I'm doing for myself is trying to order room service in Chinese while on the phone so my tone and pronunciation will be especially important while doing this. I'm setting these challenges for myself so that I can really test how good my Chinese communication is and whether or not my comprehension is good or not. We shall see in a week...

Winter is tough, it makes people feel lazy or depressed, but if we battle through it then we will come out of winter as better people.

What are your plans for this weekend?

-Johnny "η™½ζ­¦ιΎ™"


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