January 14th - The Dentist and Final Prep

My Thoughts πŸ€” ζˆ‘ηš„ζƒ³ζ³•

Besides the Dentist visit today, and Friday... I've been doing pretty well. Doing last minute stuff as I get ready for my next big adventure and I've also gotten back into training a good amount each day. Mostly doing stuff to work out my cardio, core and flexibility. I've also been trying to eat a little bit better by having a good breakfast, lunch and dinner. Seems that all the previous days of stretching and working out are paying off as I feel I'm still in good shape to do most exercises but I noticed my cardio has worsened a lot. (Those "No Gym" workout burpees kill me)

Packing for this trip is a pain because I only get 1 backpack and 1 suitcase... for a year. I'm taking clothes, medicine, gloves, a few books, charger, laptop,and a few momentos with me but fitting it all into one suit case has proven to be a challenge. I might be overthinking it but I need warm and cool clothes for summer and winter. I can always buy clothes while I'm there (maybe some cool kung fu training clothes!)

Exercise πŸ’ͺ 运动



Things that I'm still working on:

-Shadow Boxing BOB
-High Kicks (Helps me stretch for the splits)
-Better Technique
-Good Defense (Blocking the Face)
-Better Snap Back/Pull Back on kicks and Punches
-Kung Fu Stances

These usually take me anywhere from 1-3 hours to practice. All that I do is body weight stuff at the moment but I hope in China I can start lifting weights or doing some sort of weight training. (Don't worry Shaun, I'll start lifting weights eventually).

Then after all the training is done... its good to reward yourself with some good food. πŸ˜‡πŸœ

Study 🧠 学习

I'm still studying Chinese and Computer Programming. I don't really like writing about computer programming though. I really do enjoy studying and using Chinese as I think its fun and useful. It makes me want to really become fluent in it and then try after another language. (Maybe Spanish)

This website has a good list of vocabulary involving hotels and checking in and out.

How are all of you doing? Do you have any plans this week?

-Johnny “η™½ζ­¦ιΎ™"


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