January 10th - The Basics


My Thoughts πŸ€” ζˆ‘ηš„ζƒ³ζ³•

I haven't had any good or insightful thoughts recently besides that 2020 has been going by so fast. When I realize this it makes me think about if I'm spending my time well or not. Spending time with my mom, dad and grandma has been nice but they have their own schedules some times and I think that I don't use my own time wisely.

I read the devotional every morning
Make my bed
Brush my Teeth
Get Dressed
Eat breakfast
Stretch and lightly workout

and then my day goes on. Maybe I'll study, maybe I'll program and maybe I'll watch movies or do other things but I still don't feel that my day is spent well. I think it is because I'm a little anxious about all of my visa stuff and whether or not I will be heading to China.

Dang, just the idea of going to a new part of China is a little worrying but I have confidence in my language skills and my ability to adapt. Maybe I'm just getting impatient.

Exercise πŸ’ͺ  运动/体育

Today I have been able to stretch and shadow box today. Again, I'm still keeping it simple and light workouts because my back still isn't perfect but I'm slowly able to do more and more.

My word of advice for injuries: Take your time and take it easy.

This will help you in the long run so that you can continue to do what ever it is you like or need to do for a long time.

Now, what I'm doing for shadowboxing is just practicing the basics of snapping back to my head, keeping a good defense, and then being quick but powerful with my moves. I'm not a big guy so I must rely on my speed and endurance to win me the fight.

How are you all doing today? Do you feel like 2020 is already going by quick?

-Johnny Fuger "η™½ζ­¦ιΎ™"

PS: Sorry about the short posts recently. I've kinda hit a writer's block as of late.


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