December 28th - Sparring Insights and Mexican Food

Fajitas Tulum

My Thoughts 🤔我的想法

Whew, I am super tired from all the food that I ate but today has been an alright recovery day. I plan on sleeping more so that I am prepared for tomorrow night's work. My mind is just trying to relax so that my body can also relax.

Man I'm tired and full of food.

Sparring Insight 🥊 实战的想法

While sparring I realized a lot of things; Firstly, for training by myself for the past 8 months I am still in sparring shape. So that is a plus! Secondly, I have a lot of technical issues that I have to workout of my fighting style. I am finally comfortable fighting in your standard "Thai Stance" and mixing in my own kicks, punches and other styles' moves. So what are my issues?

I need to work on my head movement while moving and punching (Thanks Logan)

I need to work on throwing 3+ Move Combos (Thanks Coach Mence)

I need to work on my leg defense, Coach Mence would constantly trip me.

I need to work on kick defense/catch. (This guy's kicks were really good)

I need to work on kick power and leg kicks.

Thanks to the guys at Budokai Karate/Muay Thai/BJJ for letting me and my friends train there during their open mats.

So, what do I have to do to improve these skills?

1) Rope Head Movement Exercise
2) Bag Work, Punching Combos
3) I'm not quite sure
4) Partner Drills if possible or Shadow Boxing with leg movement/defense focus
5) Bag Work, power kicks and technical kicks

Just more exercises that I am adding to my workout regime. By the time I move to MN I will have a full day of workouts planned.

Daily Tao ☯ 李小龙

You might be wondering why "Bruce Lee's" Chinese name is the Daily Tao for today, I bought a Bruce Lee magazine that talks about his philosophy and way of thinking. I haven't read it all yet but from what I read it is interesting.

Bruce Lee had is own thoughts on everything and he encouraged people to do the same but he didn't come up with these thoughts on his own, he too was inspired by many thinkers and philosophers throughout time.To think that someone known for a huge effect on the world took inspiration and motivation from others makes them feel more "normal".

The big thing that sticks out to me about all that I read with Bruce Lee is that he simply did his own thing and worried little about what others thought. But he learned from others as well.

Do your own thing but be open to change, I guess that is the takeaway.

-Johnny “白武龙”


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