December 22nd - Working on Expanding

My Thoughts 🤔 我的想法

Well, yesterday I had some good meals and some okay training. Today I want to do a little more...

Yesterday I started working on getting an Instagram account set up but I'm not quite there yet. My main focus isn't going to be making money through this blog or any online media, the point of this stuff is just for me to see my progress, my ups and downs, and to learn about myself. I'm hoping all of this can one day help others as I honestly post everything; work problems, training problems, study problems, and life problems. I don't want to make my life seem perfect online, I want to help people by using my progress through problems.

The only thing that I do want to change about my blog/websites, is to post more videos and some in depth workout content. But, once I actually have internet, I will be adding more stuff like that to the website. (Did I mention I've been writing these posts using my phone's hot spot?)

Also, I added the option to follow my website with an email address, see the "Subscribe" in the top right.

Training 🥋 培训/训练

I finally did it... the FULL "No Gym Workout".

Do this 3 Times:

50 Jumping Jacks
40 Squats
30 Pushups
20 Butt Ups
10 Burpees

After that I practiced different stretches ranging from Gong Bu, Ma Bu, Pu Bu, Xie Bu, Xu Bu and other normal stretches.

Now, there is something that I'd like to talk about which is a bigger part of training and that is... diet.

My diet is always changing but I guess there are some "rules" that I try to follow.

1) To eat healthy: This includes veggies, not fast food stuff, meats, cheeses and all that as a good balance. Even sugars.

2) Listen to your body's needs, not cravings: An example of this is when my muscles are cramping a lot that usually means you are missing something from your diet like Potassium or Water or that you are just overworking yourself. When I get "shakes" I realize I need either more sugars or less sugars. Learn what your body needs so that in the future you know what to do.

3) Eat 3 meals a day: This one is the most important and probably trumps all the other rules because if you can only eat 3 fast food meals that day (maybe you are traveling) then so be it. But know that what you put into your body can, and will, effect your mood, energy level, and general health of your body.

I realized that I followed these rules while I was in China working out to the max as I had taken what I learned from health classes, videos and my sports that I had done and used it to my benefit. I'm not saying these rules are for everyone, I just wanted to explain why I eat the way I eat.

Study & Review 📖 学习和复习

模特 model (fashion model, hand model etc)
硬举 Dead Lift
俯卧撑 Push Up

二头肌 Bicepts
三头肌 Tricepts
肩膀 Shoulders

弯举 Curl
推 Press
伸展 Extension

二头弯举 Bicep Curl
肩(膀)推 Shoulder Press
胸推 Chest Press
卧推 Bench Press

划船 Row
深蹲 Squat
平板式 Plank

Meditation 📿 坐禅

Though I haven't been doing meditation daily, I am slowly adding it onto my weekend activities and am doing it before work. Here are today's "attempts".

First attempt was 5 minutes long, most of it was a battle to stay in a comfortable position and to ignore the other people's activities in the house which was hard.

The second attempt was right after the first, only 6.5 minutes. I am trying to focus on my breathing but it is really hard when other people are doing things. I can get lost in thought real easily but I'm not sure that is what meditation is supposed to be as I started thinking of some good memories in the past and maybe some good memories that might happen in the future. I thought that meditation was to clear and focus your mind but, I enjoyed getting lost in thought.

I think I'll try once more before work but I'll have to write about that another day. Maybe I'll read more on how to meditate or the goals of meditation to see what I'm missing.

How are all of you doing this Sunday?

-Johnny ”白武龙“


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