December 21st - Meditation and a Serious Workout

Hot Pot - 火锅

My Thoughts 🤔 我的想法

I read this article about 'Hypersane' people today and it seemed interesting. How those in their own world can seem insane or crazy to the majority but in reality they are the ones that truly understand life.

I slept in today and missed work. I probably will get in trouble for that but, on the bright side, its almost Christmas!

Sister ✅
Her Husband ✅
Mom ❌
Dad ✅
Niece ✅
Nephew ✅
Girlfriend ✅

I have one final gift to buy (or two) before I finally complete my shopping list for Christmas. I have a little extra time as I won't see my Mom and Grandma until after Christmas but I still can't think of what to get them!

I think this weekend I'll focus on doing some tougher workouts while studying some exercise Chinese so that I can be prepared if my friend wants to train before I leave.

Workout 💪 运动/体育

Today, I tried the "No Gym" workout and then went into my Kung Fu stretching routine. I'm also  thinking about looking up some Yoga exercises to help with flexibility.

2 x 50 Jumping Jacks
2 x 40 Squats
2 x 30 Pushups
2 x 20 Butt Ups
1 x 10 Burpees

I also walked two miles since the weather was nicer today. No running, just walking.

Study and Review 📖 学习和复习

When talking with my girlfriend, I had to look up these words so that I could talk with her.

文章 essay/article
本文 article
基督教 Christianity
教堂 Church
派 a group (of certain thought, beliefs)
订书机 stapler
胶带 tape
折叠 to fold
核心 core

Also, for studying, I taught my girlfriend how to wrap presents and do some workouts over the phone. So, I had to use different words and practice sentence structure so that she could understand. It was tough.

What are you all doing this weekend?

-Johnny “白武龙”


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