December 18th - Motivation and 酸辣粉

I made 酸辣粉!

My Thoughts 🤔 我的想法

My eyes burn.

I need to quit getting on my phone so much after work as, its my fault, my schedule just isn't what I want it to be. Now, there really isn't anyone to blame besides me for my poor schedule. I get a decent amount of sleep, am able to do 100 push ups each day, am able to work, have free time, study but some days I just really "veg out" and watch youtube for 4 hours till I fall alseep.

Motivation where art thou?

So I'm just slowly changing what I do each day. When I am on youtube, I force myself to watch some thing in Chinese (whether music, studying vids or something like that). When on reddit, I've started hopping on the /r/ChineseLanguage subreddit (not the toxic /r/China one) so that I can see what others are asking and talking about. I even found a new study/dictionary resource while looking online here.

My Visa is still taking a bit as the US Government needs a physical copy of the invitation letter signed by the school... so fifty bucks later I am waiting for the letter to get sent to my dad and he will then send it to the company helping us with the Visa. I hope I can make it on time and if not I might find a job while I am in Minnesota.

One cool thing I did do though was make some nice 酸辣粉 (sour/hot noodles) at home using a recipe and what ingredients I had. Though it wasn't as spicy as I wanted it was very good and, honestly, really simple. It was exactly the dinner flavor I was craving.

Now it is time to try and sleep.

Study 📖 学习

So, today I've studied Chinese internet slang but tomorrow I will be focusing on a lot of exercising vocabulary because... I've found a bunch of resources!

三分钟热度 - To do something for a short amount of time.
泼冷水 - to ridicule someone
吐槽 - to ridicule/complain about someone
乌鸦嘴 - Jinx (Literally: Crow's Mouth)
学霸 - Straight A Student
宅男/宅女 - Someone who likes to stay at home
待在 - to stay out home
追剧 - to binge watch
临时抱佛脚 - to do something last minute/ to cram for something
颜值(很高)- Attractiveness
算了 - Forget it!
正能量/负能量 - Positive Energy/Negative Energy
充满 - Full
菜鸟 - Rookie
放鸽子 - To stand someone up
是/不是+有人+的菜 - To be/ to not be someone's type
吃土 - to be poor
左耳进右耳出 - in one ear and out the other
吃货 - foodie
承认 - to acknowledge
各地 - everywhere
低头族 - Look at your phone too much
外貌协会 - Someone who only values appearance

Are you guys having trouble with motivation?



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