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December 31st - New Year's Eve

My Thoughts 🤔 我的想法 Welp, I have finally moved to Minnesota. I'm glad I packed yesterday as bad weather hit overnight and leaving in the morning was another good choice. The roads were clear for the most part until I got into Minnesota where the roads were already plowed really well and way less icy than the roads in Wisconsin. Overall, the trip went by quickly as I just drove and listened to 谢天笑. Over and over and over again...

My last day of work (The 29th-30th) was fun too. I'd like to thank all of my co-workers, Shaun, Brett, Sam, Mason, and Alex of 2nd shift, there for just working well and being cool dudes. I'm glad to have left but you guys made working there fun even through the stupid/hard days.

Now it is time to train and really prepare for my school as I wait for my visa to get completed. I really am excited.
Sparring Insights 🥊 实战的想法 Sunday, the 29th, I went to Stevens Point Budokai and sparred with some cool guys there. This time I only sparred for an hour b…

December 28th - Sparring Insights and Mexican Food

My Thoughts 🤔我的想法 Whew, I am super tired from all the food that I ate but today has been an alright recovery day. I plan on sleeping more so that I am prepared for tomorrow night's work. My mind is just trying to relax so that my body can also relax.

Man I'm tired and full of food.
Sparring Insight 🥊 实战的想法 While sparring I realized a lot of things; Firstly, for training by myself for the past 8 months I am still in sparring shape. So that is a plus! Secondly, I have a lot of technical issues that I have to workout of my fighting style. I am finally comfortable fighting in your standard "Thai Stance" and mixing in my own kicks, punches and other styles' moves. So what are my issues?

I need to work on my head movement while moving and punching (Thanks Logan)

I need to work on throwing 3+ Move Combos (Thanks Coach Mence)

I need to work on my leg defense, Coach Mence would constantly trip me.

I need to work on kick defense/catch. (This guy's kicks were really …

December 27th - Meditation and Sparring

My Thoughts 🤔 想法 Well, today I'm supposed to go and train at a gym with some friends. Maybe some sparring and probably the hardest training I will have in some time but it will be worth it. I'm also finishing up my last few days at work (yesterday was actually a bit tough) which feels weird. It's like when you are getting close to finishing a book, you know its going to end but you still don't know what to expect.

I guess my feeling could be described as "limbo" right now as I have no control over how my visa is going, I'm already packed up for moving and my job received my resignation, I'm not sure what I'll be doing in Minnesota, and I'm unsure of how my 1 more year in China will be. Its also weird to have to meet many more new people again as I've grown to like the job and people here as, as one person put it, "We're all working hard, We're all here, each and everyday".

I didn't study today and wont study today, …

December 26th - Thinking in the Morning

My Thoughts 🤔 我的想法 06:40
Christmas has come and gone, I gave and got some cool gifts. Now its time to get ready for the last few days of work.

I'd like to thank my Mom for the really cool protection necklace she gave me. It is a shield with a cross that reads:

"Be Strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you where ever you go."  -Joshua 1:9b
And then thanks to my Dad for giving me a cool watch (which is also an inside joke). It looks really nice, and after a few days wearing it, fits comfortably on my right wrist. Thanks to my sister and her husband for the journal, Kung Fu movie, camo shirt and really comfortable training pants. I hope they all liked the gifts I gave them.
I've also been in more contact with my friends around the states lately. One of them is planning on a trip in 2021 that he wants me to be apart of, another one is trying to train with me before I leave, and I think I might be getting a …

December 22nd - Working on Expanding

My Thoughts 🤔 我的想法 Well, yesterday I had some good meals and some okay training. Today I want to do a little more...

Yesterday I started working on getting an Instagram account set up but I'm not quite there yet. My main focus isn't going to be making money through this blog or any online media, the point of this stuff is just for me to see my progress, my ups and downs, and to learn about myself. I'm hoping all of this can one day help others as I honestly post everything; work problems, training problems, study problems, and life problems. I don't want to make my life seem perfect online, I want to help people by using my progress through problems.

The only thing that I do want to change about my blog/websites, is to post more videos and some in depth workout content. But, once I actually have internet, I will be adding more stuff like that to the website. (Did I mention I've been writing these posts using my phone's hot spot?)

Also, I added the option to f…

December 21st - Meditation and a Serious Workout

My Thoughts 🤔 我的想法 I read this article about 'Hypersane' people today and it seemed interesting. How those in their own world can seem insane or crazy to the majority but in reality they are the ones that truly understand life.

I slept in today and missed work. I probably will get in trouble for that but, on the bright side, its almost Christmas!

Sister ✅
Her Husband ✅
Mom ❌
Dad ✅
Niece ✅
Nephew ✅
Girlfriend ✅

I have one final gift to buy (or two) before I finally complete my shopping list for Christmas. I have a little extra time as I won't see my Mom and Grandma until after Christmas but I still can't think of what to get them!

I think this weekend I'll focus on doing some tougher workouts while studying some exercise Chinese so that I can be prepared if my friend wants to train before I leave.
Workout 💪 运动/体育 Today, I tried the "No Gym" workout and then went into my Kung Fu stretching routine. I'm also  thinking about looking up some…

December 20th - A Better Day

My Thoughts 🤔 我的想法 I have had a lot of thoughts recently but I haven't written, which was a dumb decision.

First off, the past two days I have had dreams in Chinese which is cool. Now, I don't remember what happened but I do remember they were in Chinese. That means I've had 4 or 5 Chinese dreams in total! I never thought I'd be having dreams in another language... maybe it means I'm getting better at it?

Secondly, I've come to appreciate my time at work and all the effort I've put into working at this potato company. I decided to help them out by staying an extra day so that I can train a new guy (if he shows up) and I honestly didn't even hesitate to say yes. I really do like working here even though I'm not in the position that I wanted. This job has taught me a lot and has tested me too but I think the most important thing this job has taught me is the importance of rest and good diet. I've realized that as long as I'm sleeping well (n…

December 18th - Motivation and 酸辣粉

My Thoughts 🤔 我的想法 My eyes burn.

I need to quit getting on my phone so much after work as, its my fault, my schedule just isn't what I want it to be. Now, there really isn't anyone to blame besides me for my poor schedule. I get a decent amount of sleep, am able to do 100 push ups each day, am able to work, have free time, study but some days I just really "veg out" and watch youtube for 4 hours till I fall alseep.

Motivation where art thou?

So I'm just slowly changing what I do each day. When I am on youtube, I force myself to watch some thing in Chinese (whether music, studying vids or something like that). When on reddit, I've started hopping on the /r/ChineseLanguage subreddit (not the toxic /r/China one) so that I can see what others are asking and talking about. I even found a new study/dictionary resource while looking online here.

My Visa is still taking a bit as the US Government needs a physical copy of the invitation letter signed by the school..…

December 16th - Dang I Slept A Lot

My Thoughts 🤔 我的想法 What a good weekend! I slept a good amount on Sunday and did a great workout throughout Saturday. I've even stayed on my 3rd shift schedule throughout the weekend and got some Christmas shopping done.

My thoughts throughout this weekend have been, how will I use my time for the rest of December? I know I have three people who want to spar before I leave on the 30th so that might use some of my time up. Of course I'm still trying to keep training but I think my focus is shifting a bit towards study and spiritual stuff as I'd like to learn more things and trying to challenge my way of thinking.

I've also been thinking of new training shirt ideas. Now, I know I never made those other T-Shirt designs. I really like the Luohan Uniform of the Shaolin Monks so I decided maybe I'll try to buy some traditional Chinese Vests(传统的背心)and add my designs to it. (See picture above) The problem is that I'd have to manually make these by buying a little T-Sh…

December 14th - A Weekend of Rest

My Thoughts 🤔 我的想法 Work has been a pain the past few days but I think it was worth it. I've been trying to put a few extra hours in each day so that I can save up money for Christmas gifts while still being on budget.

Dad ✅
Mom ❌
Grandma ❌
Niece ✅
Nephew ✅
Sister ❌
Sister's Husband ❌
Girlfriend ✅ 

I still have to get a few people gifts but I have ideas, I don't know if they are good ideas but I'll keep thinking.

I'm actually writing this after work, which wasn't too bad of a day. A few of the guys are sick, they're still getting trained in a few things so that they can replace me when I'm gone but they're all good workers in their own way.

Now, what will I do today?

I want to train my body:
-Push Ups
-Sit Ups
-Leg Lifts (Forward, Back, Side)

I want to train my mind:
-Study Chinese (Speaking, Listening, Reading)
-Read (Taoism, Bible)

And I want to train my spirit:

My Influence 🌟 影响 I alwa…

December 10th - Visa Issues

My Thoughts 🤔 个人想法 I'm having trouble getting my X2 180 day visa for the Kung Fu school. It's a bit of a pain but as I've learned there will always be highs and lows so maybe this is just another low but after sparring last weekend another thought popped into my head...

What if I also try to do Sanda Tournaments while in China?

It would be cool to go to performance tournaments and to go to Sanda tournaments. Just to get some kickboxing experience. After seeing those MMA fights I think I'd like to try it once just so that I don't have any regrets about not trying it. Maybe the school could help me find some Sanda tournaments.

We will see how it goes.
Studying 🧠 学习
Trying out some Chinese music genres, starting out with rock. This song is called 阿诗玛 (Ashima) by the band called 谢天笑. Very simple vocab in this one, I've already listened to various other pop songs and rap songs but I found the rap to be too fast and the pop songs a little bit boring (though I can…

December 9th - Stretching and Training

My Thoughts 💭 个人想法 I wonder where I'll be in a couple years? I have a similar feeling to when I was in Illinois, working and training like a machine looking at the horizon for the day I leave onto my next adventure. Then my adventure years will fly by only for me to return to this same feeling. Do I want to live my life like this? I'm not too sure. I think I should do more with my "intermission" times between adventures, find friends, make contacts, learn new things and improve myself. Have I done that here?

Friends/Contacts: Not many friends in Illinois but I do have contact with a small Taekwondo School that want me to visit them one day.
Learned: I learned how to get a job and about a lot of factory/production stuff.
Improved: I started this blog and began working out on my own.

Friends/Contacts: Reconnected with an old friend, met some cool people at the factory but no contacts.
Learned: Self studying Chinese, learned more about factory work, I…

December 8th - Pure FC 16 and Some Sparring

My Thoughts 💭 个人想法 Well, I did something I don't normally do. I went out. A friend invited me to go watch some MMA fights that were going on in the area. They had all sorts of fights going on from amateur kick boxing to professional MMA. Fourteen fights in total, and to be honest, all of them were fun to watch.
After watching the fights me, my friend and some of his friends went to a local gym and started practicing. At first we showed each other "our moves" and then asked questions back and forth but this all lead up to the sparring which was fun. Man do I miss sparring. I sparred two people this day: one was a "Taekwondo Stance Boxer" and the other was a... wide stance wrestler? stand up wrestler? I don't know how to name it but it was difficult to spar. I learned quick what I need to work on:
-Be more aggressive -Quit Back Stepping -Work on my Takedowns and Takedown Counters -Work on getting into the clinch -Faster Kicks -Better face blocking
The Taekw…

December 6th - Trying Meditation

My Thoughts 💭 个人想法 Thanks to all my coworkers for checking out and reading my posts!
Yup, I have gotten caught up in my old routine of come home, eat, fall asleep and feel too tired to do much besides prepare for work. I have to keep fighting and flowing with that feeling as I feel this will at least prepare me for Maling Kung Fu School when I'm tired and exhausted. Even though I've been tired and lazy I've still done pushups and situps plus some stretching each day. At the end of December I'll post my workout recap.

I decided to try out some Transcendental Meditation that my Uncle told me about at my sister's wedding. It basically is just closing your eyes, sitting down (or standing up) and relaxing. You can say a mantra, a phrase, in your head or aloud to help you and just try to "zone out" while controlling your thoughts. I think that is what it really is about it figuring out how your mind works and learning to control/calm it. I don't remember…

December 3rd - Feeling Tired Already

My Thoughts 💭 个人想法 I did an okay workout today. Simple dips, push ups, squats, and leg lifts. I stretched very little but probably should stretch more because of me getting back to work. I know that every day's workout will be a challenge but I want to keep at it like I did before. I'm trying to slowly increase the intensity because I need to "reactivate" my muscles and turn my (very little) winter fat into muscle. I also need to get back into cardio work which means either running, jump rope, intense shadowboxing or something else.
(I've been using this guy to get interesting workout ideas)
Meanwhile, I can already tell after one day of working third shift my mood has changed. I need to stay positive as no matter how much sleep I get, how much food I eat, how much I write, I will still feel a little down because of this weird night time schedule. As long as I get my "basic" schedule finished each day I'll be happy.
Read, Write, Workout, Stretch, …

December 2nd - Getting Back on 3rd Shift Schedule

My Thoughts 💭 个人想法 Today has been good. Decided to get off my butt and go help my sister change her last name to her husband's and then I took her out to go eat some Mexican food. Man, I hadn't eaten Mexican food in a while but it did remind me that when I'm in China I've gotta take my girlfriend out to eat some real Mexican food. But where in the world do I find authentic Mexican food in China? Iunno
Thanksgiving and just relaxing has really helped me organize my days better. I'm training, reading, studying and more everyday. Sometimes I forget that just relaxing can help your mind tremendously. All I have to do is keep at it throughout all of December.
My training has been going alright, nothing intense like in the summer. Just simple calisthenics to keep my muscles "activated", practicing simple Kung Fu exercises (Basic Kicks, Forms, Punches etc)  and stretching to keep my flexibility improving so that I can be ready for my two years at Maling Kung…

December 1st - A Happy Holiday and Nearing The End

My Thoughts 💭 个人想法 I had an interesting holiday weekend. Thanksgiving was good as we went up to Minnesota to visit family for four days. In these four days we ate food, played games, talked, and celebrated (a very late) birthday for my nephew. Seeing my parents was good as we discussed my plan, my money, and what I might be doing after the two years in Maling Kung Fu School. My dad and I sparred a very little bit. It was fun but I wasn't too keen on returning to Wisconsin; work has to be done and things need to be prepared.
While at my parents' I had something unexpected happen to me, an old friend from California contacted me and told me that he was looking at my website. Apparently he is going through some tough times in High School and seeing my little adventures motivated him to keep going. If he is reading this now Keep at it my dude, we all have goals and plans for life. If you can make it through the highs and lows you'll find personal success.I was really surpris…