November 8th - Tired Today

Me training in Minnesota.

My Thoughts 💭 个人想法

I feel dedicated this week to keep writing and working. For the past few days I've finally gotten back to my normal routine but on 3rd shift hours. It's weird working and living life throughout the night but its still life. Training is a bit harder as its really cold and hard to warm up especially since I'm only doing body exercises like pushups, sit ups, jumps and squats etc.

I'm excited to finally be applying for the visa. Maling Kung Fu School gave me the papers needed to make getting a visa easier but I'll have to go and extend my visa every 180 days which isn't the best but it will be worth it. I think I'll be able to save an extra 2,000 dollars for spending, extending visa, and general travel. 2,000 for two years will be rough though, especially if I want to travel during the Chinese holidays.

Oh well, life is an adventure!

Today's Move 🥋 今天的动作

Today's move is called 起势 (qǐ shì) or "Rising Gesture". It is the second move in 先天罗汉十八手.

Chinese Explanation - 讲解:

Following the previous move, your hands drop towards the ground as you turn the palms downward near your stomach. Your body rises as you rise to your tip toes at the same time your hands turn palms up rising to your chest. Then slowly drop your body and feet to the ground while dropping your hands to your stomach, turning your palms downward. Your eyes look forward while doing all of this.

This rising gesture is an important part that sets up your breathing through this whole form. This can be used to calm yourself and prepare your mind for the form ahead or, if done quickly, can be used to warm up your body and lungs.

This is apart of my "Learning 先天罗汉十八手" daily move series that will be going thru all 23 moves over the next 23 days. Hopefully at the end we will all be able to perform this wonderful form!

How are you guys today?



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