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November 6th - Lets keep it going!


My Thoughts 💭 个人想法

Today winter is definitely here. As I was at work today snow steadily fell all over the factory and the temperature dropped freezing what ever water was outside. So... winter is here folks!

As you can see, I'm sticking to my goal so far of writing everyday. Most of it will probably be in the evening as I fall a sleep in the morning and sleep through the afternoon. Then I wake up eat, study, write and finally train/stretch for work.

This is what I plan on doing until I leave for my parents. Then... I will be on my way to start my Kung Fu Journey!

Today's Study 📖 今天的课

Language Words - 语言学:

离合词 lí hé cí "Separable Words"
动词 dòng cí "Verbs"
名词 míng cí "Noun"
量词 liàng cí "Measure Words"
语法/文法 yǔ fǎ/wén fǎ "Grammar"
词汇 cí huì "Vocabulary"
副词 fù cí "Adverb"
形容词 xíng róng cí "Adjective"
介词 jiè cí "Preposition"
宾语 Bīn yǔ "Object"
表示 biǎo shì "Expression / to Express"
时态 shí tài "Tense"
动态助词 dòng tài zhù cí "Aspect Particle"
数量 shù liàng "Quantity"
时量 shí liàng "Time Quantity"
结果 jié guǒ "result, outcome"
代词 dài cí "pronoun"
重叠 chóng dié "to duplicate, to overlap"
形式 xíng shì "form, shape"
补语 bǔ yǔ "complement"

Separable Words Rules - 离合词的特点:


和他见面 - "To meet him" 
和她结婚 - "To marry her" 
给他帮忙 - "To help him" 
向他道歉 -"To apologize to him” 

2) 表示时态的动态助词,“着,了,过”,放在词的中间。

烧 - "Having a fever"
班 - "Got off work"
客 - "Have ever treated"


三次澡 - "To take three baths/ To shower three times"
一会儿天 - "To talk/chat for a while"
试 - "To finish the test"


谁的气 - "To be mad at who?"
什么病 - "To treat/look at what illness"
他的课 - "To take his class"

5) 重叠形式,只重叠第一字。


New Words - 新词:

内容 Nèi róng "content" (noun)
疑问 yí wèn "query, question" (noun)
评论 píng lùn "to comment, comment" (verb/noun)
订阅 dìng yuè "to subscribe" (verb)
频道 pín dào "channel" (noun)
列出 liè chū "to make a list" (verb)
使用 shǐ yòng "to use" (verb)
准确 zhǔn què "accurate" (adj)
掌握 zhǎng wò "to grasp, to master, to know well" (verb)
放假 fàng jià "to have a holiday" (verb)
上当 shàng dàng "to be fooled" (verb)
打架 dǎ jià "to fight" (verb)
留学 liú xué "to study abroad" (verb)
鼓掌 gǔ zhǎng "to applaud" (verb)
握手 wò shǒu "to shake hands" (verb)
撒谎 sā huǎng "to tell a lie" (verb)
操心 cāo xīn "to worry" (verb)
总结 zǒng jié "to summarize, summary" (verb/noun)
特点 tè diǎn "characteristic" (noun)

Yesterday's Vocabulary - 昨天的词汇:

吸引 xī yǐn "to attract" (verb)
想办法 xiǎng bàn fǎ "to find a way" (verb)
即使 jí shǐ "even if, even though" (conjunction)
摘 zhāi "to pluck, to pick" (verb)
自然 zì rán "at ease, natural, free from affectation" (adj)
令人 lìng rén "to cause someone to do sth, to make someone" (verb)
暂时 zàn shí "temporary, for the moment" (noun, time)
共同 gòng tóng "shared, common" (adj)
爱好 ài hào "hobby, interest" (noun)
伴侣 bàn lǚ "companion, mate, partner" (noun)
相亲 xiāng qīn "blind date" (noun)
羡慕 xiàn mù "to admire, to envy" (verb)
影响 yǐng xiǎng "to influence, to effect, influence, affect" (verb/noun)

I know that many of you might not care about the study part of these articles but it helps me remember what I study and I can always go back to it to review.



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