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November 5th - Getting Back into Things

My Thoughts 💭 个人想法

I'm trying to get back into studying, training and writing everyday. Time is getting closer to me leaving the country for my China adventure and I really don't feel prepared at all. My language skills suck, my martial arts skill are terrible and overall I don't feel very confident. The only thing I'm confident about now is my work ethic. I truly believe I can outwork most people given a good motivation. 

Honestly, one of the hardest things to do for me is to continue writing this blog. It forces me to evaluate what I did on my day and some days its just really hard to see how little I've done. I've also realized that taking the weekend off of writing is what always stops me from writing as once I stop, I stop for good.

Daily Move 🥋 日常的动作

I've been teaching myself "先天罗汉十八手“ which seems to be a different from "Big" and "Small Lohan Hands" that are also in the Shaolin Temple. It has been fun; so far I've learned Section 1 and am slowly working on Section 2 while making sure to get all the details right of the motions.

My Recent Study 📖 这周的课

Slang - 俚语
怕老婆 pà lǎo pó "henpecked"
妻管严 qī guǎn yán "henpecked husband"
管 guǎn "to manage, to run, to control, to take care of" (verb)
严 yán "strict, tight, close" (adj)

Love Vocabulary - 爱情的词汇

Example Sentence: 两个人再一次能够互相包容对方的缺点 ,这就是爱情。

互相 hù xiāng "mutually, each other" (adv)
包容 bāo róng "to pardon, forgive" (verb)
对方 duì fāng "the opposite side (other side)" (noun)
缺点 quē diǎn "shortcomings, weakness, defect" (noun)

Example Sentence: 刚认识的时候,我对他的印象并不深。
印象 Yìn xiàng "impression" (noun)
并不 bìng bù "not at all"
深 shēn "deep" (adj)

Example Sentence: 后来熟悉了以后,我发现他不仅皮筋不错,也很幽默。
熟悉 Shú xī "to know something/someone well" (verb)
不仅 Bù jǐn "not the only one" (adv) "not just... but also..." (conj)
脾气 pí qì "character, temperament" (noun)
幽默 yōu mò "humor" (noun)

Obviously, I've been avoiding studying Chinese for about a month now. That was a bad idea but the best way to learn a language is constant repetition and practice. I've gotten back into the habit of watching good, informational videos on youtube instead of the normal memey gamey garbage I normally watch.

- Johnny


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