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November 25th - Studying and Taoism

A lil' special I like to call "Throw left overs in a bowl"

My Thoughts 💭 个人想法

I tried to meditate this morning at the early hours of 4 am. I don't know how long I did it for but it felt like at least 5-15 minutes. I haven't done this since I've lived in Missouri and lets just say... I should keep working on it. Focusing on my mind and the thoughts that are deep in there is quite a weird feeling. I kept jumping from memory to memory trying to figure out "control", if that makes sense, each of them. I think I will begin doing this after every time I wake up.

The reason I decided to meditate this morning was because I started to read my Taoism books again and I've started to read passages from the Bible again. For me, meditation and prayer are different. Prayer is when you talk to your deity, thanking them and asking them for things while meditation is a deeper look at yourself and your mind. Both can strengthen your faith and will but each one has a little more focus on one than the other. Hopefully doing this will help with all those weird dreams and bad days of sleep I've been having.


Well, I've cleaned up the house, done some stretching, watched some videos, and ate some food. I plan on studying and reading Chinese today before I head to bed as I have to prepare for the dreaded third shift. (11pm-7am) I'm not going to lie, if I was living by myself then third shift wouldn't be bad but considering I live with my sister and her family who are all on normal 1st shift schedules, it has been hard. I really enjoyed working second shift (3pm-11pm) because I still had a normal sleep schedule and I did a lot of things in the morning. Now the only benefit I get for third shift is a little extra pay and many overtime opportunities. Why the rant on third shift? I don't know.

Today's Vocabulary 📖 词汇 

生肖 shēng xiào "12 Chinese Zodiac" (noun)
代表 dài biǎo "to represent" (verb)
重复chóng fù "to reappear, to repeat" (verb)

属 shǔ "to belong to, to be" (verb) usually used with a zodiac animal
-我属虎。My zodiac is a tiger. 
认为 rèn wéi "to believe, think, consider" (verb)
含义 hán yì "meaning, implication" (noun)
表示 biǎo shì "expression, to express" (noun/verb)
老鼠 lǎo shǔ "mouse/rat" (noun)
令人 lìng rén "to cause someone, to arouse" (verb)
讨厌 tǎo yàn "to dislike, to loathe" (verb)
过街老鼠 guò jiē lǎo shǔ "someone everyone dislikes" A rat crossing the street (idiom)

勤劳 qín láo "hardworking" (adj)
勤奋 qín fèn "hardworking, diligent" (adj)

黄牛 huáng niú "ticket scalper" (noun)
正当 zhèng dàng "just when, just in time for" (verb)
手段 shǒu duàn "method, means, trick, skill" (noun)
凶猛 xiōng měng "fierce, violent, ferocious" (adj)
威严 wēi yán "majestic" (adj)
权力 quán lì "right, privilege" (noun)
母老虎 mǔ lǎo hǔ "tigress, vixen, shrew" (noun)
灵活 líng huó "nimble, agile, quick" (adj)
兔崽子 tù zǎi zi "brat" (noun)
骂人 mà rén "to swear, to curse" (verb)
传说 chuán shuō "legend, folk tale" (noun)
尊贵 zūn guì "respected" (adj)
祖先 zǔ xiān "ancestor" (noun)
冷酷 lěng kù "grim" (adj)
残忍 cán rěn "cruel" (adj)
地头蛇 dì tóu shé "local thug, bully" (noun)
实力 shí lì "actual strength, strength" (noun)
欺负 qī fù "to bully" (verb)
积极 jī jí "active, energetic" (adj)
能力 néng lì "ability, capability" (noun)
很强 hěn qiáng "very strong" (adj)
很有才华的人 hěn yǒu cái huá de rén "someone with good talent"
教授 jiào shòu "to instruct/teach, professor" (noun/verb)
温顺 wēn shùn "docile, meek" (adj)
替罪羊 tì zuì yáng "escape goat" (noun)
领头羊 lǐng tóu yáng "leader, head of the pack" (noun)
机智 jī zhì "quick witted, resourceful" (adj)
瘦皮猴 shòu pí hóu "bag of bones, really skinny" (noun)
铁公鸡 tiě gōng jī "cheapskate" (noun)
绝对 jué duì "absolutely" (adv)
结束 jié shù "to end, to finish, to conclude" (verb)

Today's Move 🥋 今天的动作

This video is the only video I can find of this form.
Today's move is called 托塔双推山 (Tuō tǎ shuāng tuī shān) or "Tuota pushes mountain". It is the seventh move in 先天罗汉十八手.

Chinese Explanation:


Following the previous move, body rises and turns to the right. Kick your right foot forward taking a step. Body weight is on the right foot, stance changes into a Right Bow Stance. While you do that, your two hands turn outward raising up to your chest and push forward with your palms equal level to your chest. Palm centers face forward and fingers point up. Eyes look forward.

This is apart of my "Learning 先天罗汉十八手" daily move series that will be going thru all 23 moves over the next 23 days. Hopefully at the end we will all be able to perform this wonderful form!

Still studying, still practicing, still stretching, still working hard towards my dream.



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