November 1st - Learning about the Highs and Lows again

Life 💭 生活

I guess I have a bit to catch up on from the 15th where I was simply trying to feel better mentally. The last two weeks have felt like a blur of working over time, arguing with my girlfriend, sleeping, "training" for a little bit every day and finally paying for my school which has been interesting as its the first time that I'm transferring that much money to strangers.

Paying for my school felt good as now I've been preparing to leave. It feels real, my kung fu dream will start soon. And of course we have my "plan" for life which is still unknown. No matter how much I write about the pros and cons of college and the military I still have no clue which one I will choose.

Work, sleep, eat and repeat. That has been my month of October but I did go trick or treating with my sister's kids. That was fun

Training 💪 培训

My training is lacking but here is what I focused on, or started to focus on, throughout October.

  • Getting a higher kick by doing various leg raises and static holds
  • Working on the basics of kung fu to build a good foundation, this means going back to my stances and trying to get them even deeper and with good mobility
  • Working on the two forms that I know (五步拳,十步拳) to get a deeper understanding of them
  • Working on combining Wushu and Kung Fu moves so that I become familiar with them
 My training really hasn't been my focus as of late. I get the most training on the weekend and I try everyday to stretch but I really haven't had a good training session this month.

Resources 💭 资料

I'd like to just share with you all what resources I use to get ideas, motivation, inspiration and more for training. It comes from every where but the biggest thing I use is Youtube. So there are certain Youtube channels I go back to for information all the time.

Kung Fu Life is a big resource I use as he creates various workouts and tutorials for doing iconic Kung Fu moves from all kinds of styles and forms.

Sensei Ando is another great one as his views on martial arts and how they can better one's life are great but he also has a podcast where he tells great lessons to everyone through stories of his life or recent events.

I discovered Shifu Yan Lei a while back and have kept up on his videos ever since. He is a Shaolin monk (Note: Big) and he helps run the Shaolin Temple in London. His views on life and martial arts are interesting as well as he is truly living life through training.

And then finally Martial Club, these guys I use mostly for motivation and inspiriation to keep training every day. Even if it is just stretching a little bit each day. They are amazing and have build up a nice stunt team with great connections and experiences.

Now these are just some of the resources I use as there are many others but it gives you an idea on what I look for in videos.

How was your Halloween?

- Johnny


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