November 15th - A Good Rest

My Thoughts 💭 个人想法

I finally slept well after work. Normally I come home, pet the dog, take a shower, eat some food, change clothes and then fall asleep until my sister's kids come home but today as I was driving home from work I bought some Burger King breakfast, came home and fell right asleep after throwing my nasty potato covered work clothes on the floor. I slept like a baby and woke up with the dog doing the same. It was about 13:40 when I woke up. I decided to do dishes and laundry (which I haven't done in a while), then would begin to write a new post.

It's now15:55 and I've already studied, reviewed some martial arts videos, and am on my second load of laundry. I don't know what changed today as yesterday was actually pretty terrible but today feels different. I guess its apart of the whole ups and downs, highs and lows that those Tao books always talk about.

I've also updated the previous post with the Luohan Form move as I forgot to add that. I'm trying to finish learning the form before next weekend as I ran into an old elementary school friend who, turns out, is into martial arts and wants to train with me. He knows I'm into the traditional styles and he's into the more modern MMA type fighting so I'd like to have a few forms ready that I can use for warm up and maybe use in sparring. We will see...

Today's Vocabulary 📖 词汇

点击 click (verb)
订阅 subscribe (verb)
按钮 button (noun)
铃铛  small bell (noun)
讨论 to discuss, to talk over (verb)
逛 to stroll, to roam, to hang around (verb)

聚会 to have a party, party (verb/noun)

适应 to get used to (verb)

陪 to accompany (verb)

一转眼 in the blink of an eye, in a wink

平时 normal time, ordinarily (noun)

联系 to contact (verb)

好像 to seem, to look like (verb)

重新 again, anew (adverb)

专门 special, especially (adjective/adverb)

当 when, just as (preposition)
困难 difficulties, difficult (noun, adjective)
-"When I encounter difficulties in life, I will think of her immediately"

及时 in time (adverb)

尽管 although (conjunction)
却 but, yet (adverb)
陌生 strange, unfamiliar (adjective)

而 while, yet (conjunction) used to show contrast
拒绝 to refuse (verb)

-"I often asked her to help me with small things, yet she never refused"

友谊 friendship (noun)
友情 friendship (noun)

讨厌 to dislike (verb)

优点 advantage, strong point (noun)
缺点 disadvantage, weak point (noun)
通过 by means of, by, via, through (preposition)

交 to make friends (verb)

丰富 to enrich (verb)

交流 to exchange, to communicate (verb)

理解 to understand (verb)
了解和理解有什么区别? 🤔

周围 surrounding (noun)
正好 just in time, just right (adverb)
我可不可以说:“我们明天正好有聚会..." 🤔

Today's Move 🥋 今天的动作

Today's move is called 连三掌 (lián sān zhǎng) or "Three Palms". It is the fifth move in 先天罗汉十八手.

Chinese Explanation:



Following the previous move, the left foot is pulled back with tip toes touching the ground. While you do that the right hand pushes forward with a palm strike and immediately afterwards bends the arm dropping the hand to shoulder level pushing out with a slanted palm strike (palm facing you). The left hand raises up and pushes forward with a palm strike and then returns back infront of the chest, palm facing to the right. Eyes look forward.

This is apart of my "Learning 先天罗汉十八手" daily move series that will be going thru all 23 moves over the next 23 days. Hopefully at the end we will all be able to perform this wonderful form!
I think this form is a fun one to learn as it isn't as fancy as WuShu forms and it isn't focused on kicking but instead it is a lot of footwork and and motions. I'm thinking the next form that I'll go over for self teaching will be 五形拳. What do you guys think?

"You're braver than you believe, stronger than you seems, smarter than you think"
-Winnie the Pooh



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