November 13th - A day of feeling dumb

Idiom 📖 成语

yǒu péng zì yuǎn fāng lái, bù yì lè hū.
"Is it not a joy to have friends come from afar?" 

-Thanks to Cobie for sending me this new ChengYu.
I've gotta visit Guang Zhou one day.

Daily Thought 💭 日常的想法

I feel really dumb today. I've started to talk to my old friends from California, Missouri, and Wisconsin. After that I feel dumb as they are all in college studying, learning new things, using their brain everyday and challenging themselves every day. What am I doing?

Being lazy in Wisconsin hanging around with a bunch of high school drop outs.

Factory work, factory work factory work.

Sleep, sleep, sleep.

Train... occasionally.

I thought me knowing Chinese was cool but I'm knocked backed down to realizing its not that big of a deal considering what others know. Maybe I should head to college after my Kung Fu school days. I'm not sure really.

I think my Kung Fu will be worth it, I just have to prove it to myself and figure out how to use my Kung Fu and Chinese to benefit myself in the future or else I'll have a rough life.

I think I should just focus on Chinese and Kung Fu, master it, and then move on to the next thing. Everything is just like a martial art form, practice it continuously and you will begin to understand it bit by bit.

Don't let these bad thoughts break me.

Today's Move 🥋 今天的动作

Today's move is called 跳步斩手 (tiào bù zhǎn shǒu) or "Jumping Step with Chopping Hands". It is the fourth move in 先天罗汉十八手.

Chinese Explanation:


Following the previous move, turn your body to the right and kick with your right foot into "Jumping Step". The left foot steps on the ground into "Jumping Step", tip toes touching the ground. While you do that your right hand crosses infront of your chest in an arcing motion then drops to the right side of your body with your palm upward and fingers pointing forward. The left hand arcs outward and then over your head falling to the right side with a chopping hand. Palm facing to the right and fingers pointing forward. Eyes look to the leftwards forward.

This is apart of my "Learning 先天罗汉十八手" daily move series that will be going thru all 23 moves over the next 23 days. Hopefully at the end we will all be able to perform this wonderful form!

- Johnny


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