October 15th - My Three-Day-Ago Dream

On Saturday the 12th, I awoke from a dream. The details are lost to me but what I remember is I was a champion. Of what? Some sort of fighting... I think. I just remember awaking to having a feeling of wanting that in real life. To be a champion for just a few seconds. I don't know why I felt so strongly about this dream but even to a few days later I still have the slight feeling of wanting that. Maybe next month I won't care but now this dream is what is pushing me to go the extra limit when everything else is against me.

The weather has made my muscles and joints stiff which has effected my stretching and kicks.

My sleep schedule has effected my relationship with the family members I live with.

My work has put me in a bad mood as of late.

My "perfect" budget still has issues and I need a family member to help me pay for school.

I miss my girlfriend.

I miss my friends.

I miss my parents.

All of this is "attacking" my mind but what keeps me training at least an hour a day? This silly dream. I even watched the new Karate Kid (or correctly named 功夫梦 in China) and I felt a connection to many of the scenes in that movie, moving to a new place you don't like, struggling, finding something you enjoy and meeting a close friend that helps you get through your time there.

I have to realize that I might not be able to accomplish my goals in the time frame that I've set. The splits, flips, forms and other cool things will be learned at the school but me simply attempting them while I "train" here is all helping me prepare for the school. Forms are something that I'm able to teach myself easily and I can also remember them quite well so I am slowly beginning to focus on that. Especially since the cold has hit hard here it has made extreme stretching tough for me.

And sometimes this painful realization, that your goal won't be accomplished in your time frame, will help you progress faster. Ah, I'm still young and have plenty of time to train.

What are you guys realizing this week?



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