October 14th - A Wonderful Trip!

Finally, I'm writing about my October trip. Where to begin? Well... it started off badly as my flight from Wausau to Chicago was delayed by an hour due to fog which messed up all of my connecting flights, I ended up having to go from Chicago to Dallas and stay at a hotel for the night. This kind of hampered my girlfriend and I's plans but we still managed to do a lot with what time we had.

October 2nd was filled with me arriving, her picking me up, us going out to eat some Jiao Zi and Sheng Jian. Then heading to the hotel where we just had dinner there. Our dinner was duck, Shanghai Fried Noodles (delicious), fruit, and some... terrible ice cream.

October 3rd was fun as well as we actually walked around Shanghai and did stuff like eat breakfast, eat good soybean milk ice cream and waited in a long line for fried Hong Kong rice noodles. Though the wait was long, it was worth it! It was cool to see the night life of Shanghai again and just how many people are willing to wait in line for a bowl of noodles.

October 4th was us transitioning from the great 5 star hotel to her comfy home. (Though her home was a little crowded as her roomates had family over) We also ate some excellent food, I believe it was Sichuan food, but it wasn't super spicy so I'm not sure what kind of food it was. That was our lunch/breakfast and then we spent the rest of the day walking around. I bought some new Chinese kicks and some more Chinese books to study. Dinner was Chinese Domino's Pizza which was fantastic. Their lava cake is good in every country.

October 5th was a day spent relaxing and, of course, eating. We had 家有好面 for lunch/breakfast and then wandered around till dark where we finally ate some good hot pot and many desserts along with it. It was just very relaxing to stay in till noon then to arrive home at night with a full stomach.

October 6th was a super fun but little sad day, my trip was nearing its end and I think we did the most stuff on this day. We woke up super early, began planning what we would do and then went out and did a lot, at least compared to the other days we did a lot. We ordered in our breakfast which is those Chinese "morning wraps" and it was my first time eating one spicy. Quite a wake up call I'll tell you that. She began to feel a little sick and took a nap so I did the same (I was stomach sick the whole trip) and then we went to her home town restaurant and ate some grub for dinner. After dinner it was time to stroll around the town late into the night just talking and drinking some delicious milk tea. We went to "The Bund" and saw cool light shows, police formations and the great few from the Huang Pu river. I also ate this great mango dessert and got called out by a waiter that I was a "Handsome American". Quite Awkward. I finally bought her a gift and we returned home super late into the night and watched Detective Pikachu together. Both of us fell asleep not feeling well.

Then the 7th, we ate buns for breakfast, ate some delicious noodles for lunch and then she took me to the airport. The hour long train ride to Pudong airport was quite silent as both of us were sad that this trip, which was cut a day short, was ending. I did my best to make each day special and fun. I hope she remembers it as I know I will.

It was a great time and I hope I will have many more great times with her.




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