October 13th - Personal Growth

Today's Morning Thought 🗭 今天早上的想法

Well, it has been a few days since I've written. My China Trip to visit my girlfriend has flew by and I've already gotten back into working at the factory. I'd say my initial emotion to being back in America was unhappy. I was unhappy because I had to start working right away, because I don't like my schedule, because I feel my goal is far away and because my little china girl isn't here. But, that didn't stop me from stretching and focusing on what was at hand: preparing for the martial art school.

This martial art school seems like my purpose in life at the moment. I no longer think about what I will do after the school or what I've done leading up to the school; I just focus on what I am doing now. And with this mindset I've seen my mood change from unhappy to driven. I know what is important to me and what isn't so I don't let what isn't important affect my mood any more.

I miss my friends and the family I don't see. I miss my girlfriend already but I also miss the daily challenge that school gave me with tests and homework. Which is why I am pursuing this martial art life... so that I can be challenged every day.

Challenge #1: the splits.

Besides that little side tangent about the splits, this morning I've realized that, in these few months of living with my sister in Wisconsin, I think I've grown as a person. How? Well physically I am stronger, my flexibility is better, and my overall health (for the most part) is better. I may deal with the occasional back pain or knee pain but this is from training and while I may cough a lot; once I leave this job I will no longer be breathing in powder 5 days a week. I think mentally I'm getting better too, I'm studying more, my Chinese is better, I read more than before and I question myself to build up a better sense around my morals. And through my girlfriend and not living with my parents, I've realized what is important to me and just more about how my thoughts work.

I hope it makes sense and I hope that you too can learn more about yourself as life goes on.

- Johnny


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