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October 15th - My Three-Day-Ago Dream

On Saturday the 12th, I awoke from a dream. The details are lost to me but what I remember is I was a champion. Of what? Some sort of fighting... I think. I just remember awaking to having a feeling of wanting that in real life. To be a champion for just a few seconds. I don't know why I felt so strongly about this dream but even to a few days later I still have the slight feeling of wanting that. Maybe next month I won't care but now this dream is what is pushing me to go the extra limit when everything else is against me.

The weather has made my muscles and joints stiff which has effected my stretching and kicks.

My sleep schedule has effected my relationship with the family members I live with.

My work has put me in a bad mood as of late.

My "perfect" budget still has issues and I need a family member to help me pay for school.

I miss my girlfriend.

I miss my friends.

I miss my parents.

All of this is "attacking" my mind but what keeps me training at le…

October 14th - A Wonderful Trip!

Finally, I'm writing about my October trip. Where to begin? Well... it started off badly as my flight from Wausau to Chicago was delayed by an hour due to fog which messed up all of my connecting flights, I ended up having to go from Chicago to Dallas and stay at a hotel for the night. This kind of hampered my girlfriend and I's plans but we still managed to do a lot with what time we had.

October 2nd was filled with me arriving, her picking me up, us going out to eat some Jiao Zi and Sheng Jian. Then heading to the hotel where we just had dinner there. Our dinner was duck, Shanghai Fried Noodles (delicious), fruit, and some... terrible ice cream.

October 3rd was fun as well as we actually walked around Shanghai and did stuff like eat breakfast, eat good soybean milk ice cream and waited in a long line for fried Hong Kong rice noodles. Though the wait was long, it was worth it! It was cool to see the night life of Shanghai again and just how many people are willing to wait in…

October 13th - Personal Growth

Today's Morning Thought 🗭 今天早上的想法 Well, it has been a few days since I've written. My China Trip to visit my girlfriend has flew by and I've already gotten back into working at the factory. I'd say my initial emotion to being back in America was unhappy. I was unhappy because I had to start working right away, because I don't like my schedule, because I feel my goal is far away and because my little china girl isn't here. But, that didn't stop me from stretching and focusing on what was at hand: preparing for the martial art school.

This martial art school seems like my purpose in life at the moment. I no longer think about what I will do after the school or what I've done leading up to the school; I just focus on what I am doing now. And with this mindset I've seen my mood change from unhappy to driven. I know what is important to me and what isn't so I don't let what isn't important affect my mood any more.

I miss my friends and the…

October 3rd - A Fun Beginning 好玩的开始

Arrival ◯ 我到达了 After some troubles getting to Shanghai (上海) I left DFW on October 1st at 10:40 ish and set foot in Shanghai on October 2nd at 2:15 pm (14:15). It was a nice and easy plane ride, I slept half of the 15 hour journey, while the other half was spent watching Chinese movies and listening to music.

I watched a few movies on the plane so that I could practice my Chinese listening and prepare my brain for the barrage of language that I was about to face. I watched: Shadow (影), New King of Comedy (新喜剧之王), Kung Fu Monster (武林怪兽), and I started to watch Wandering Earth (流浪地球) again but didn't finish it as we landed.

Shadow was a typical ancient Chinese war drama that was pretty predictable if you've seen any other Chinese war movies. I didn't like it and I was actually rooting for the bad guys (Wang Kingdom) which rarely happens in a movie.

Kung Fu Monster was what seemed like a "for kids" movie and kinda jumped around a little bit but in the end was an oka…

October 1st - "Golden Week" in China

What's Happening? ⚪ 怎么? Well, its been a long couple weeks and a lot has happened since the 18th so I'll try to summarize what has happened over the past few weeks.

September 18th - 20th: I was helping my family and working. Watching my niece get started in Cheerleading and adjusting to 3rd shift "working out" meaning working out in the dead of night. Did you know its cold at night?

September 21st-29th: This week I worked a lot and learned a lot at work. Began to focus on creating stuff for Zweihander and still worked out and stretching. I also had to prepare for the upcoming trip! It was also during this week that I discovered I wanted to learn a new weapon (Monk's Spade) and started to do more physical strength workouts like trying to do hand stand pushups. I also encountered a problem with signing up for the kung fu school (I didn't have enough money)!

September 30th: I left for China (Thanks sis!) early in the morning but immediately encountered some proble…