September 6th - Friday, the weekend arrives

Daily Thought ⚪ 日常的想法

It is finally the weekend. I will work a short day today, only 5 hours, but I think it will be worth it. This weekend I plan on training as usual and looking at my "new schedule" to see when I should workout. Work is taking its toll on me and the idea of working out after work doesn't sound too appealing but I think its what has to be done. (Another time I can work out is before but it seems I've set the before work time for doing chores, sleeping, eating and doing tasks for my sister).

All this hard work will pay off once the 27th of September arrives and I'm paying for my schooling.

Like this week has taught me, focus on the process and not the end result, follow your intuition when making decisions and do not be discouraged by life as action makes life so go out and do. I need to remember this when I'm driving home from work and wanting to just lay down and sleep, I need to go home and do. So that I can become the Kung Fu Master that I want to be.

It's all a little hard but it will be worth it.

It is worth it!

As you may notice there isn't any daily move or daily word and that is because I'd like you all to come up with your own daily word for today and tell me your favorite Wushu/Kung Fu move.

- Johnny


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