September 4th - Stupid, Demotivated and Another Hand Form

Daily Move ⚪ 日常的动作

拍掌 - pāi zhǎng - "Palm Clap"
"Clap hands together at one side, turn them as you bring them to the other side. Finally strike out with your spear hand forward and your palm strike backward."

Possible Uses: Though "Pai Zhang" in Chinese literally means to clap your hands, in Wushu or Kung Fu it means a special move where you clasp your hands at your side then strike outward with a spear hand. Most spear hand moves will have the same function, to attack the eyes, throat and other soft targets.

Do you like the step by step picture?

Daily Word ⚪ 日常的词

Bèn, èr, shǎzi
Stupid, idiot etc

I chose these words because as I've been reading Chinese stories and listening to different Chinese things I've realized there are many ways to call someone or something stupid and I guess it would be helpful to make sure no one is calling me stupid, eh?

Daily Thought ⚪ 日常的想法

"You will never learn to do any endeavor properly unless you are willing to give yourself time."
-Master Bong Soo Han

Today I am resting, not from the back pain, not from knee pain, not from tiredness from work. I'm just resting my mind today. I've suddenly felt demotivated to do anything today and spent the whole morning/afternoon watching funny youtube videos. I didn't eat breakfast but I did eat lunch and washed the dishes and folded clothes. As far as motivation for working out or stretching, it just hasn't been there today.

I think I have lost so much motivation recently because of my work schedule constantly changing and me not being able to get into a routine where I can set time to workout or stretch or have family time. Its always changing. Another demotivating thing is me constantly losing progress with my goals. The Aerial, Splits, High Kicks and Butterfly kick. I just don't feel like I'm improving.

I think I need to focus less on the end result of my goals and more so on the process of getting there which is what that quote above talks about. It's not to say my past training was a waste, it still helped me maintain and improve my health a little bit.

I guess we all feel like this sometimes right?

- Johnny


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