September 3rd - Gathering Hands and more Conjunctions


Daily Move ⚪日常的动作

楼手 - lóu shǒu - "Gathering Hands / Brush Hands"
"First turn your wrist outwards and then inwards drawing (taking) your hand to your waist" 

Possible Uses: This is an interesting move found in Kung Fu, Wu Shu and Taiji Quan. I believe this move is used mostly in Qi Gong exercises or during warm up exercises. If you have to have a function with every move I think this move could be used for pulling an opponent's arm or leg towards you followed up with a strike but I believe this is truly a warm up/ Qi Gong exercise.

Daily Word ⚪ 日常的词

qi shi
actually, in fact, really (adverb)

Daily Thought ⚪ 日常的想法

"Action makes life" -Shifu Yan Lei
Today I watched a video that includes one of the martial artists I look up to. It talked about his thoughts on martial arts and the philosophy behind it. I watched this while I was doing chores around the house and by the end of the video I was ready to begin training but... I have a small pain in my lower back that has been preventing me from training to my fullest for about a week now. I knew what was causing the lower back pain, a combination of lifting at work, poor sleep and the high kicks I keep attempting so I decided to train differently because I had to do something or I'd feel bad that I skipped out on training again.

I did a combination of boxing drills, focusing on technique and not power so to not hurt my back, and I did slow/gradual stretching drills from Movement Monk to help with my leg stiffness from standing at work.

Overall, the training went well. I broke a sweat, didn't feel sore but felt like I did something good that day. I think I am starting to learn good ways to train around an injury instead of bad ways like pushing through or ignoring the pain.

How was your guys' day today? Did you push yourself?

- Johnny


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