September 18th - Reading and Adapting

Life ⚪生活

So much for daily adventure eh:? Nothing much has been going on but I have been reading more Taoism Books recently. The books I've been reading are 'The Tao of Pooh", "Dancing Mind, Thinking Body", and "365 Day Tao".

Recently I took a small trip to a bigger town and picked up Main Gauche for Zweihander. Though I haven't read it yet I think it looks interesting after my first few skim throughs of the book.

Work hasn't been fun as instead of putting me as a plant lead the dropped me down two steps to a "Operator" which is the person who is back up if the Plant Lead isn't there. I also don't get plant lead pay but I do get the 3rd shift premium, which is nice.

Daily Move ⚪ 日常的动作

基本功 - "The Basics"

This isn't entirely a single move but a collection of moves that make up the basics in Kung Fu. While we might be trying to do that cool move, whether its the floor sweep, kick up, aerial or others, we have to remember that every cool move is built on a strong foundation of the basics. In Kung Fu the basic moves like kicks and punches are also great warm ups which help your body become loose and flexible. Stances are also apart of the basics and there are as many stances as there are kicks and punches, you just have to experiment and see the possibilities.

To think that in old times true masters only knew one or two forms but they had a great knowledge of how to use their basics effectively.

 What ever martial art you practice, if you are having trouble then go back to the basics.

What are you guys struggling with recently?

- Johnny


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