September 15th - A Week Later - Sickness and Weddings

ζˆ‘εœ¨ε©šη€Ό - Me at the wedding

My Week⚪ ζˆ‘ηš„ε‘¨

My week has been very hard. First off, I got a new position at my job which has given me new responsibility and new things to learn but they also changed my hours that I am working... again! Secondly, I have been sick since Monday (the 9th) with some weird stomach, chest, head sickness that has sapped my energy for a while, and working 3rd shift and preparing for the wedding hasn't given me time to recover. And then lastly, my weekend was filled with me doing wedding things all the way till this Sunday afternoon.

The wedding went by smoothly with me meeting many family members and seeing my sister get married. This wedding was the happiest I've seen many people. All dancing, drinking and socializing with each other and no drama happened. It was a miracle. I even danced... for my sister, grandma and mom. In case you don't know I hate dancing.
ζ²™ζ‚Ÿε‡€ - Sha Wu Jing - Character from Journey to the West

Daily Thought ☯ ζ—₯εΈΈηš„ζƒ³ζ³• πŸ•†

净 - jΓ¬ng - "to clean" , "completely" , "only"

Today's thought is about "Cleansing" and the preparation of Autumn/Fall. In the past week the Mid-Autumn festival has been celebrated, the harvest moon (which was a full moon) came and gone but all of this was preceded by a cool and rainy week which brought about a nice weekend of celebration.

I had a chat with my uncle who began asking me more specific questions about my "Kung Fu Journey", not on the thoughts of what I'll be doing and where I'll be going but if I'm mentally, and spiritually, prepared for 1-2 years on my own.

I think so but he recommended I try "transitional meditation" and how it can help me prepare mentally and/or spiritually for the journey ahead. I'll look up what it is and maybe a future post talk about it.

While looking up meanings of Jing I found out a popular character in Journey to the West has the character "Jing" as a part of his name. (More info click here)

Also refers to the "mighty" characters in Chinese opera. (For more information click here)

My posts will go back to normal in the coming days.

How was your guys' week?

- Johnny


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