Start of the Second Week


The start of a new week and I feel refreshed and ready for new challenges (even though I'm still a little sick). I know work is going to be tough but I'd like to try and do my best each day so that theysee I'm a good worker for 3rd shift.

Kung Fu 

For my training I might have to take a break and focus on recovery as after doing a workout on Monday (while my calves were really stiff), waking up this morning I found it hard to even walk as my calves are so tight. This week's focus might be on Qi Gong and Stretching, maybe a muscle roller will be bought, as I've never felt this kind of stiffness in my muscles. Must be a combination of sickness and lacking something in my diet.

I have decided that I will do these moves:
- Kick/Kip Up 鲤鱼打挺
-Butterfly Kick
-The Splits 劈叉

Why? These moves look cool when added to forms but also they teach a greater muscle control. Just training to do these moves will make me in better shape as I'll be doing exercises and workouts I normally don't do.


同 - Tóng - "Same" Pronoun
同一 -Tóngyī - "Same, Identical" Adjective
同样 - Tóngyàng - "Same, Equal" Adjective

- Tǎn - “to bare" Verb 

These are the two words that have been connected to Monday's and Tuesday's lessons. Monday's lesson was about everyone and everything being the same and how we should grow to realize this in order to improve our spirituality.

Today's lesson is about Prejudice and how we must separate ourselves from appetites and individual ideas in order to become one... this one I really don't understand at this point but that is the purpose of 365 Tao, to give you a daily meditation so that you can think about it all day then come to your own conclusion.


I've been slacking when it comes to study, there is no excuse, I just haven't been studying that much recently. I haven't been reading DuChinese or playing the various games in WordSwing. I have to fix this. I will fix this.

How is your guys' week starting off?



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