July Daily Workout

"To be good at something you must practice the basics."

I started this in the beginning of July so that, even when I don't write an article, I can see what I did each day. Though it isn't very detailed or thorough you can get an idea of what I did each day and compare it to my original "unrealistic" goal.

Original Goal: I want to do 100 Pushups/Pull ups, 100 Sit ups, 100 Twists,  十步拳,五步拳 100 times each

Week 1

Day 1: Nothing
Day 2: 100 Pushups, 60 Twists, 十步拳 15 times, Stretching
Day 3:Some Pushups and a lot of stretching
Watched: Sensei Ando's Podcast
Day 4: Stretching and Kung Fu
Day 5: 80 Pushups, Stretching, Kung Fu
Day 6: Stretching, Kung Fu
Day 7: Pushups 100, Twists 102, Stretching, Kung Fu
Watched: Jesse Enkamp, The Perfect Karate Practitioner 

Week 2

Day 8: Pushups 50, Twists 50, Stretching, Kung Fu
Day 9: Stretching
Day 10: Stretching
Day 11: 62 Pushups, 50 Twists, 90 Squats, 30 pull ups, Stretching, Kung Fu
Watched: Fighting Meditation
Day 12: 40 Push ups, 40 Twists, Stretching
Day 13: 40 Pushups, Bag Work
Day 14: Stretching, 30 Pull ups, 20 Chin Ups

Week 3

Day 15: 30 Push Ups
Day 16: Stretching, 10 pushups, a hard day of work
Day 17: Stretching,
Day 18: Nothing
Day 19: Nothing
Watched: Real Life Monk Trainer
Day 20: 100 Pushups, Stretching
Day 21: 30 Pull Ups, Stretching, Kung Fu

Week 4

Day 22: 100 Push Ups, 50 Twists, Stretching
Day 23: 100 Push Ups, Core Workouts, Stretching
Day 24: Stretching
Watched: How to Fight Like Bill SuperFoot Wallace
Day 25: Stretching
Day 26: 50 Push Ups, Stretching, Kung Fu
Day 27: 100 Push Ups, Stretching Kung Fu
Day 28: 100 Push Ups, Stretching, Kung Fu
Watched: The Kung Fu Shaolin

Last Week

Day 29: Stretching, Kung Fu
Read: Daily Tao Variation, Never do the same thing, go beyond your limits."
Day 30: Stretching
Day 31: Nothing
"One must always prepare their mind, body and spirit for the day ahead. You never know what the day may bring."


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