Happy Fourth of July



4th of July wasn't spent the way I normally would, or wanted to, spend it. It also rained which cancelled the fireworks. My family got to hang out with some of their friends but I was kind of a "third wheel" during the whole time but it wasn't too bad.

On the next day my family and I went to the beach where they swam and I decided to stretch and do some practice kicks since the beach had very few people. After what I'd say would be an hour of stretching and another hour of kicking/balance practice some one at the beach asked me if I did Tae Kwon Do. That is where I met a person called "Nick", a 12 year practitioner of Tae Kwon Do and Martial Arts enthusiast. He wasn't a black belt yet which surprised me but we had a good conversation about different styles and different ways of exercising.

The small things like this are what keep me training and keep me motivated.

Kung Fu Insights

I've found another resource to help my Kung Fu training over the weekend. I found a Shaolin Kung Fu app made by Dr. Yang Jwing Ming and I've also discovered his website YMAA which has a lot of videos and things of the like for free to learn. The videos and articles are even divided into "Ranks" of the YMAA system which is cool.

Watching some of the videos has given me better insight into the practical applications for these Kung Fu moves. I've already known that many stances, kicks and punches are exaggerated for stretching and strength purposes but actually learning where to hit blew my mind. I didn't know the majority of Kung Fu punches went towards the abdomen. The kicks rarely go above the hip, usually targeting the knees and groin. "Soft" attacks with the hands go towards the face/head meaning, palm strikes, hammer fists, chops and the like.

To me this is completely different to what modern combat is as most attacks are focused towards the face and kicks are focused towards the abdomen and legs. So, using these two ideas effectively should help well in sparring... if I ever find a sparring place.


My "Brand"

This is my first T-Shirt idea that I'm going to order. I'm calling my "style" 约翰拳, John's Fist. I've gone through many designs and I think for "version one" this will be it. I'm buying 7 for myself and then also buying some for my Chinese friend and parents. It will take a chunk out of my savings but I think it will be worth it to have my own training gear.

How have you guys been?



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