A Camping Weekend

 This week has been a week of hard work and preparation for a weekend camping trip. It's quite a lot to explain so let me try and break it down into parts for what my week has included. Overall, it has been a good week but I still feel a little off and I don't know why.


Working and Reading

My work week was interesting and it was a lot of hard work throughout the week, on one day I was able to run where I work on my own but later I ran half a day on my own. The rest of the week was just harder work as we kept getting many orders of different products. It felt like a long work week and I was happy to get paid on Friday (besides the mistake on my paycheck).

Throughout this week I still had to watch my family's kid so training and stretching were done only for a short amount of time. What I did do was read quite a bit on Taoism and studied Chinese more than usual. From Taoism I read about their ideas on: Diversity, Cultivation, Childhood, War and Axle.

Diversity: "Tao is formless."
培 pei Cultivation: “Keep working to improve yourself constantly."
Childhood: "Continue to have the curiosity and innocence of the youth."
战 zhan War: "Think before rushing into war."
轴 zhou Axle: "The divine and sacred is within yourself."


Camping on the Weekend

The weekend camping trip was fun. I prepared on Friday by going to many stores and purchasing many survival supplies that I remember go into a camping/survival kit. It had been about 2 years since I went camping but it had been more years since my other survival skills like shelter building, fire starting, trapping, hunting, fishing etc had been tested. During this small two day trip all of them got tested with varying degrees of success. I learned that I am still a terrible fisherman, terrible trapper and my foraging/weaving has gotten worse. Shelter building and fire starting is still really good but I also learned that my hunting/tracking skills are better than I thought.

Needless to say I learned that I don't like hunting small creatures. I felt terrible after I got a squirrel for my family member that I was camping with, I felt really terrible seeing it die. Because of this feeling I think I'll learn more about what I can and cannot forage in different parts of the states (and maybe China).



斧子 - fǔzi - Hachet
背包 - bēibāo - Backpack
双筒望远镜 - shuāngtǒng wàngyuǎnjìng - Binoculars
照相机 - zhàoxiàng jī - Camera
萤火 - yínghuǒ - Camp Fire
房车 - fángchē - Camper
营地 - yíngdì - Campsite
独木舟 - dúmùzhōu - Canoe
水壶 - shuǐhú - Canteen
指南针 - zhǐnánzhēn - Compass
冰柜 - bīngguì - Cooler
急救箱 - jíjiù xiāng - First Aid Kit
钓鱼竿 - diàoyú gān - Fishing Pole
钓鱼钩 - diàoyú gōu - Fishing Hook
手电筒 - shǒudiàntǒng - Flashlight
水瓶 - shuǐpíng - Flask
折叠椅 - zhédié yǐ - Folding Chair
吊床 - diàochuáng - Hammock
登山靴 - dēngshān xuē - Hiking Boots
驱虫剂 - qūchóng jì - Insect Repellant
灯笼 - dēnglong - Lantern
槌子 - chuízi - Mallet
地图 - dìtú - Map
火柴 - huǒchái - Matches
折刀 - zhédāo - Pocket Knife
雨衣 - yǔyī - Rain Clothes
绳子 - shéngzi - Rope
睡袋 - shuìdài - Sleeping Bag
炉子 - lúzi - Stove
防晒霜 - fángshài shuāng - Sunscreen
篷布 - péngbù - Tarp
帐篷 - zhàngpeng - Tent
热水瓶 - rèshuǐ píng - Thermos
雨伞 - yǔsǎn - Umbrella
饭盒 - Fànhé - Lunch Box/Mess Kit
砍刀 - Kǎndāo - "Chopper"/Machete
雨披 - Yǔpī - poncho
火石和钢 - Huǒshí hé gāng - Flint and Steel/ "Fire Starter"


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