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Long Time No Posts

Study I've been studying Chinese an okay amount each day due to the fact that I have an idea... I want to play Dungeons and Dragons in Chinese. Now this may seem like a random idea but let me tell you where it came from.

Recently, while browsing the web on different types of Chinese vocabulary I found an advertisement for a website/app called WordSwing which is for learning Chinese. Basically, WordSwing has a bunch of text adventures, comics, stories and other interactive things that are all in Chinese (the Intermediate level) but this combined with the ability to create word lists or pair it with Pleco on your phone makes it a powerful learning tool. After playing the free text adventure a couple times and reading some of the free comic I have to say that it is enjoyable and really teaches me words that I wanted to learn and teaches me sentence structure as well.

WordSwing only has a few free features, the rest you have to unlock with a monthly payment of 8 dollars a month or 72…

Tao Thoughts and Losing Flexibility

Normal Life 生活 This week was normal where I had to watch my family's kid and work throughout the week. This week was different as our team at work now has only two people instead of our normal 3 people because one person quit.

Training 培训 My training has been lacking this month but I've started to incorporate more physical exercises to improve my strength. Things like different pushups, mason twists, situps, pull ups and the like. My goal is to build up more muscle strength this way as well as my normal kung fu exercises to improve my tendon strength along with stretching to improve my flexibility.

Standing and lifting all day at work has made my legs stiff as a board but I still keep the battle going to keep my flexibility slowly improving as recently it has been getting worse and worse. I can still kick to my head but not effectively like a couple weeks ago. I must keep practicing!

Another thing I did was buy a nice 80 pound punching bag to use for conditioning my body simi…

Kung Fu Workout Reference

This Month's Workout ReferenceThis is a reference guide for myself and others to use so that Shaolin Kung Fu practice can be made easier. It also includes tips and ideas from myself along with pictures to help for certain moves I found hard to remember. I hope this helps all of you on your own Kung Fu Journey!

Warm Up 15+ Mins (Jump rope, Push ups, Sit ups, Twists, Frog Jumps, Side to side shuffle, sprints also can replace these or added to make the warmup longer/more intense)

Do these exercises 2-4 Times each across your training area. At the end if you still feel stiff or uncomfortable in a certain area, redo the exercise that focuses on that area.

Usually performing these exercises you Shout "预备 (yu bei)" then when getting ready to do 砸拳 then shout, "做! (zuo!)“. You perform 砸拳 and then get into the stance of whatever exercise you are about to do, finally performing that exercise.

Shouting (like karate's kiai or the military's oohrah) helps build…

Happy Fourth of July

Holiday 4th of July wasn't spent the way I normally would, or wanted to, spend it. It also rained which cancelled the fireworks. My family got to hang out with some of their friends but I was kind of a "third wheel" during the whole time but it wasn't too bad.

On the next day my family and I went to the beach where they swam and I decided to stretch and do some practice kicks since the beach had very few people. After what I'd say would be an hour of stretching and another hour of kicking/balance practice some one at the beach asked me if I did Tae Kwon Do. That is where I met a person called "Nick", a 12 year practitioner of Tae Kwon Do and Martial Arts enthusiast. He wasn't a black belt yet which surprised me but we had a good conversation about different styles and different ways of exercising.

The small things like this are what keep me training and keep me motivated.

Kung Fu Insights I've found another resource to help my Kung Fu training …

A Camping Weekend

This week has been a week of hard work and preparation for a weekend camping trip. It's quite a lot to explain so let me try and break it down into parts for what my week has included. Overall, it has been a good week but I still feel a little off and I don't know why.

Working and Reading My work week was interesting and it was a lot of hard work throughout the week, on one day I was able to run where I work on my own but later I ran half a day on my own. The rest of the week was just harder work as we kept getting many orders of different products. It felt like a long work week and I was happy to get paid on Friday (besides the mistake on my paycheck).

Throughout this week I still had to watch my family's kid so training and stretching were done only for a short amount of time. What I did do was read quite a bit on Taoism and studied Chinese more than usual. From Taoism I read about their ideas on: Diversity, Cultivation, Childhood, War and Axle.

Diversity: "Tao is…