Trying Spinning Kicks

Today, I was able to try out many different things for Kung Fu. Instead of doing some normal warm ups and the same forms every day I really pushed myself today so that I could stretch further, kick faster, and do more complicated moves. One move that I tried was two spinning kicks in succession, I don't know what it is called but it would be "外摆腿" to a spinning hook kick. As always, I practiced both sides and realized my skills with spinning kicks really have worsened since my karate days. Note: my "karate days" where around 2-3 years ago.

This weekend I really did follow a pattern with my Kung Fu/Martial arts workouts.
  • Warm Up Exercises
    • Warm Up Kicks, Push Ups, Jumps, Pull Ups etc
  • Kicking Combinations
  • Stance Changes/Stance Routines
  • Stance Stretching
  • Forms
  • Sparring Work
  • *Playing
  • Stretching
 *What I mean by playing is that; since I'm learning new Kung Fu moves that are very different from other martial arts that I've done I'm seeing how to combine what I know with what I'm learning/training now. I create my own combinations, move around, experiment and more with these moves to see how they work in sparring, what I need to improve on and what I think is and isn't functional.

I do feel after these few weeks of training, even a little bit, each day have helped my flexibility and speed but my technique on some basics has been lost that I need to practice and relearn. Its a process but I have my whole life to practice martial arts so one day I'll get there.

Of course, I didn't just practice martial arts this weekend. I also had to go to work on Saturday for overtime and studied a lot of Java this weekend. Slowly but surly I'm figuring out how to make a video game on my own so that I can, one day, create the game that I want to create.

To me I've realized that these things are most important to me:
  • Do Martial Arts (Stretching, Forms, Shadowboxing)
  • Study Chinese (Vocabulary, Writing, Reading)
  • Study Java (Tutorials, Using, Understanding)
  • Saving Money (Budgeting, Balancing, Penny Pinching)
These things are constantly on my mind 24/7 and keep my occupied throughout the days. Having a job and living with family members make my days go by fast but having these things on my mind all the time really makes the time fly. Sometimes I think its flying too fast.

How was your guys' weekend?


No music today, just the silence of a quiet house after all have gone to sleep. It feels weird living here and I hope that all this will be worth it as I'm starting to doubt my goal again...


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