New Moves, More studying

Today has been a great Wednesday so far. I woke up on time, ate a good breakfast, talked with my Chinese friend, trained Kung Fu moves, studied programming and now I'm writing after eating a small lunch.

I used that DVD I mentioned in this post to train but I also used a Youtube video to train as well. Turns out the monk in the DVD and the monk in the video are the same! It was neat and while I watched the DVD I also took some notes on what certain moves/routines were called in Chinese so that later on I can practice them on my own.

My Notes:

摆莲腿 - bai lian tui - "Pendelum Leg"
枪手 - qiang shou - "Spear Hands"
裹身冲拳 - guo shen chong quan - "Wrapped Punch"
"Turn right, left leg steps into Ma Bu wrap your hands at your chest. Turn left into Gong Bu, Left hand into Chong Quan, right hand at your hip in a fist. Turn body left into Ma Bu and wrap your hands. Other side is vice versa"
裹身推掌  - guo shen tui zhang - "Wrapped Palm"
弓步斜形 gong bu xie xing - "Gong Bu Step?"
马步单鞭 - ma bu dan bian - "Horse Stance Step"

Usually I watch the DVD and these videos once a week so that I can add new moves to my practice routine so that slowly and gradually I know a little more Kung Fu each week but I also need to practice Muay Thai/Sparring skills as well as just training my body's strength and endurance. It is a tough balance but I think I'm getting the hang of it.

Since it rained today I didn't go out for a run and instead just stayed inside which led me to studying programming as well. I think I'm making good progress at relearning Java but I feel I need to put more effort into that. Maybe start studying programming for an hour after work so that I get 2 hours of studying in a day. We'll see as after work I am quite tired. I have figured out that the weekends and my lunch breaks are the times that I study Mandarin. At lunch I practice new words on DuChinese and LingoDeer while during the weekends I really study but focusing on grammar concepts and using these new words. (Turns out I was using 训练 wrong in my older posts)

Balance is hard but its an animal I'm willing to wrangle.

How have you all been doing with your life balance?


"Keep the Mind sharp, Body strong and the Spirit powerful."

Listened to it again...


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