Kung Fu Stance Training and Some Thoughts

 An hour of programming, an hour of study and an hour of training later leaves me with enough time to write. Today, I made some more realizations about what has been keeping me off focus from my goal. Its how I've been thinking about my goal. I always think that the most important thing is to save money to go to China but if I just focus on saving money then my training suffers and I won't be prepared physically or mentally for the 6 hours a day. So I've broken down my goal in my mind to this;

My goal is to:
  • Prepare myself through training
  • To save money
  • To enjoy my time here
All of this will help me focus on what is truly important for myself and to be honest it has made today great so far even though I slept in today.

I need a haircut!
Training wise, I practiced basic kicks again focusing on increasing my height and flexibility and practiced stance changes like Crouch Stance to Rest Stance and the classic Bow Stance to Horse Stance to Crouch Stance. I was sweating a lot and drank loads of water but rewarded myself after with some ramen noodles and ground beef. (Makes the soup taste better)

I also practiced, and recorded myself, doing Dragon Whips Tail and Whirlwind Kick but I learned that I'm not as cool as I thought I was. I need to turn quicker in order to make them look nicer and I need to keep my core and torso straight instead of bent. It's going to be hard to fix these things but I will go back to the basics of transitioning between moves to fix them. I also found my back is bending again with simple front kicks. I have to be aware of these things when training!

Though I critique myself a lot the training was still fun and I think I'm slowly improving each day.

How are you guys doing and what are you plans for the weekend?



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