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Wisconsin Farmlands
I've been programming recently. Quite a lot compared to my usual amount of 30 mins a day. Now I program for around 1-1.5 hours a day (not counting weekends as the weekends are a chaotic mess). I've also been practicing a lot of moves recently for Kung Fu and martial arts.

One thing I've been focusing a lot on is my splits.(劈叉 pi cha) And I've been taking video and pictures to compare them using paint.net and my results are... saddening. I've actually gotten better and then got worse somehow. You really have to do the splits everyday and recover properly if you want to do the splits in your martial arts career.

五月二十三号,我最好的劈叉。23rd of May, my best split...
I've also been practicing a simple "show offy" move called Dragon whips tail or 大龙摆尾 da long bai wei. I've been following Martial Club's tutorial on how to do it, if you also want to learn then click on the image below! I've been practicing this on both sides so that I can focus on hand and eye coordination as well and getting used to doing spin moves so common in Wushu and Kung Fu. It's been tough but after a couple weeks of practice and home (and at work!) I think I've gotten it down to an okay standard.


 Needless to say, my schedule has been all messed up as for some reason I've lost focus on my goals. I think I need to train more, program more, and socialize but I really don't know what to do to balance all of this family time, training time, work time, and study time. Better time management is what I need. I think recently my study time has suffered the most because I haven't studied Chinese in a while and have just started to get back in the groove of programming everyday. May has been such a mess for my mind.

我的早饭, My Breakfast~
I will keep on praying(祈祷 qi dao) for the strength and mental energy to focus on my goals. Maybe I need to create a "Three Focus" poster and hang it in my room so that I can wake up and see it every day to remind myself on what I need to focus on. That would also be a cool T-Shirt to make and wear! (Idea stored~)

Anyways, its good to dump my mind onto this site for strangers to read.

How are you all doing these past few weeks?


I listened to quite a bit as this article took a bit to write:
-Songs from Gorillaz's albums: Plastic Beach, Humanz, Demon Days, G-Sides
-MUSE: Knights of Cydonia
-Boogie: Tired/Reflections, Silent Ride
-Red Hot Chili Peppers: Snow (Hey), Californication, Dark Necessities


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