A Wonderful Sunday Evening...

 龟(gui) Turtles!
This weekend was a pretty good weekend. I was able to practice my Kung Fu a lot, stretched a lot, ran a lot and just did a lot which felt good. My family member and I ran at a place called Pfiffner Park since the weather was perfect today. Really warm, a good breeze and very few clouds in the sky.

I'd like to learn more Kung Fu on my own than just "十步拳" so that I can be prepared for my Kung Fu school. This would also allow me to learn different moves and stances, then learn different ways to use each form. I'd like to do "五步拳“ on its own and then just learn others.

Pfiffner Park
I'd have to buy a few Kung Fu books in order to see other forms. I've never really been interested in forms until now, I guess it has taken me a long time to realize their usefulness. These Kung Fu forms have helped me with balance and flexibility immensely but I wish to learn their function or reason to be in these forms. Nowadays, Kung Fu is for show and sport but these had to derive from somewhere with some original function. I've learned from videos that the Japanese have a word for this, "Bunkai". When I return to practicing Karate I will now have a different view of their more "static" forms.
This is probably the first weekend where I feel I need to use my protein powder in milk to help my body recover for the next day. I guess it isn't the first as when I run 7 miles I feel I need that I need to use it. I will continue to train like this and continue to use the Kung Fu DVD that I had to learn more basics. I would like to write all the basics down in my own little note book for me to use and carry around as I travel. I'd like to have a "Martial Arts Notebook" that will have a collection of all my notes from different arts and maybe one day create my own "art".

This weekend I was able to study Chinese quite a bit. Now, what I mostly focus on is expanding my vocabulary with idioms and new words but I still don't have a good grasp on speaking and using the language. It's difficult to remember the characters and the pronunciation. I just need to keep going at it to keep it in my mind.


"The 1000 mile journey begins with a single step."


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