A Hard Time Writing

I don't know why I'm having trouble writing recently. Maybe its because I've been thinking too much and not training as much as I usually do. I still have been putting 2 hours of training in each weekday but I haven't been studying Chinese or programming.


I've realized that to me training is very important right now and that studying comes second to training. In my attempts to balance the mind, body and spirit I've found I'm at an imbalance with either the mind or spirit maybe both. Maybe I'm just dumb.


I think this weekend I'll watch some Chinese Kung Fu movies and relax. Write down new words, study some and get back on track.  I know I won't follow my plan everyday but it gives me an outline on what I should be doing each week.


I've just been feeling down and I don't know why. I've written 2 other posts but didn't feel that they were good enough to publish so they will stay as drafts but I did end up creating the "Kung Fu Moves" page that I will keep adding to (hopefully adding .GIFs of every move) so that anyone looking for Kung Fu help can find my page!


A short post today guys.



”千里之行始于足下“ - "A Thousand Mile Journey Begins With The First Step"

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  1. Hello there and good evening, Jonah. I really enjoy reading about your travels and where they lead you on your journey! Different perspectives on the world are always enlightening. I'm sorry to hear you're feeling down! I often find myself becoming down/depressed whenever I have a lot of free time on my hands. I noticed from your other posts of this category that you mainly focus on your training as well as learning Chinese. In my experience there's nothing wrong with filling all your time in a day with activities and hobbies, however I fear that what you lack is some much needed social interaction (outside of your family, of course). My suggested fix since you're in a new place is to do something you would consider out of your element, try something new. Putting yourself outside of your comfort zone when you're in a rut will remind your brain that, "Hey dummy, we're still improving and changing all the time". I personally feel that if I'm not challenged, I'm not improving. You're probably asking yourself what this has to do with social interaction, and that's a fair line of thinking. Some of the most challenging, awkward, and overall weird experiences you can have in life come simply from interacting with other people. The more awkward the better, in this case. As you learn to roll with the punches (figuratively and literally in your case) making friends and connections with others will be a cinch for you. Meeting and interacting with new people on your journey, and forming those bonds will give your adventures the added pizzazz I think you're currently missing. It's also certain to make where ever you go a lot more memorable, as they say, "A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles".

    Your newest blog stalker,

  2. Thank you "AH!", its been some time since I've written but i'm happy to see someone reading my posts. I've actually starting to interact with some guys at work and talking to them and I feel that you might be right. Some social interaction would do me good!

    I hope you continue to read and enjoy my travels!



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