Stay Motivated(继续鼓励自己)

I took this picture because I want to remember where I was in a year or two from now. Sitting in this room doubting my skills and worrying too much about things.


Why am I doing what I'm doing?


Kung Fu: Kung Fu has always been a cool thing to me because of the movies, tricking, acrobatics and the athleticism that you can achieve after learning it. Now a days with MMA, Boxing, and other competitive combat sports Kung Fu has been thrown to the side, made fun of and has lost its value in most of the world besides China. For me Kung Fu can give me the flexibility, coordination, strength and balance to improve the rest of my martial arts for what I want to get good at, sparring/fighting. Kung Fu is still considered "cool" but besides in movies people make fun of it and I don't want two years wasted.


Marines: Continuing on my plan after Kung Fu I believe the 4 years in the Marines would just be 4 years of testing my skills from academically, socially, and physically. It would also let me learn another Martial Art not really talked about often (MCMAP). Also the military is a thing that very few people actually get to experience. You also learn survival skills, travel the world, shoot guns, and get pushed to your limits where you can learn about yourself.


Black Belt: Is a simple colored belt that important to me? Not really but it is something that I want to do because I've never been able to stay with one art for a long time so I'd like to get a black belt in an art to show my dedication and hard work to something. Maybe its more for myself as I don't do competitions so I don't earn awards and no one really cares about the progress that I make. I don't remember much from my former arts that I've practiced, the moves, their names, forms, etc so I feel like every time I start a new art I am starting all over.


新的词 (谢谢女朋友!)
博客 Bókè “blog”
帖子 tiězi “post”
更博 Gèng bó "update" (blog/slang)
鼓励 gǔlì "to encourage/push"
你一直这样觉得, 不是你一直觉得这样
长高 Zhǎng gāo "to grow taller"
正确 zhèngquè "correct/right" (adj)
幸福 Xìngfú "happy" (adj)
我走了一个圈 "I walked in a circle"
情商爆表!"EQ is off the charts!"
换衣服 Huàn yīfú "to change clothes" (verbs)
做了错的选择 "made the wrong choice"
感恩节 gan en jie "Thanksgiving"
柔韧性 Róurèn xìng "Flexibility (your body)" (noun)


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