Preparing for a new life (WI)(准备着新的生活)(威斯康星)

I have now moved to Wisconsin. I arrived on the 3rd of April and now its the 9th of April. Almost a full week here and I'm still not used to it.


I'm trying to balance my exercise, work, study and family while here but I'm still struggling after a week to keep it all in check. I've figured out that Monday thru Thursday will be the days that I have free time to myself during the nights so I can study programming and mandarin. Friday thru Sunday seem to be "family full" days where I will spend a lot of time with my family but I will be able to workout during these times too. I'm hoping that after work, once I start working, I will be able to go to the gym.


I have a few exercise goals laid out that I want to do every day and they are:
  • Practice Basics
  • Practice "十步拳“
  • Practice 12 Tai Chi Steps
  • Stretch
  • 训练基本
  • 训练十步拳
  • 训练一步到十二步太极
  • 拉伸
My study goals are a bit smaller but still important.
  • Study Chinese
  • Do a lesson on Code Academy 
  • Read
  • 学习中文
  • 在Code Academy学习
  • 读书
I hope I can accomplish these goals every day.




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