My New Job(我新的工作)

Yesterday, I started my new job working at Produce Processors. The job pays well and its easy but I'm working second shift which is okay. It allows me to train in the morning and clean the house for those that I live with. Now, today I did sleep in till 8 am because my throat was a little clogged and I think that was from all the powder that we work with. Even though I slept in late, I was still able to eat, clean up, jog and stretch. What I want to do in the mornings is study Chinese, study programming, write, jog, stretch and train if possible. Its a lot to do but if I wake up on time then I'd be able to complete these tasks.

Today I did an exercise I call "30 out/30 back". You jog/run for 30 minutes and then you try to make it back to your starting point in 30 minutes. I was successful but my legs hurt. When I arrived I had 2 minutes 30 seconds left so I was proud that I pushed myself so much today. In total I ran 7 miles. Then after running, I stretched my legs, shoulders and hips so that when I go to work they won't be too dead.

I've also gotten back to eating my "normal" foods. Today's breakfast and lunch were really good though I'm still hungry so I'm making a big dinner I can eat at work. 2 PBJ sandwiches, an apple, an orange, and a banana. That plus a bottle of water should be enough to give me the energy needed to get through 8 hours of work.

What I think will help me be able to train and work so well will be the protein powder I use. 1 small scoop in the morning (today I put it in my cereal) and then after work I'll drink a cup of milk with 1 small scoop. To my knowledge, protein powder only helps your muscles recover so that you can workout and do more. Now there are other things like creotine that help muscle growth but I just use normal protein powder without creotine or other things.

Still trying to figure out my schedule and what I need to do in order to balance stretching, training and studying with work. All of these are important to me and its a challenge to balance them but each of these pieces should get me closer to my many goals and my one big goal, Kung Fu School!

How are you guys doing with your goals?


"Keep adapting and changing while remaining true to yourself."



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