Monday Studying(星期一我学习)

Welp, this morning I stuck to my schedule but I haven't stretched or written much. What I did do was study programming for almost an hour (about 40 minutes), do lots of chores like wash clothes, do the dishes and reorganize my "room". Today, I also ran 4 miles but I failed my 15 out 15 in workout as I didn't make it back before the 15 minutes were up. The weather today was rough, raining and windy.

I'm proud with my programming progress as the book I'm using has 8 lessons (each get longer and more difficult) but I'm now on lesson 2. I really want to finish studying this book before my 8-9 months in Wisconsin are up so that my Java skills can be "up to date". I'm also thinking about relearning HTML and CSS to improve my blog's look as using the premade customizing isn't the best.

Overall, I'm getting used to living here and developing my own schedule. I would like to wake up earlier so now I'm working on that. 6 or 7am is when I'd like to wake up but when I go to bed at 1am its hard. I rarely drink caffeine so that is something that also makes it hard to stay awake. My meals help me get through the day so eating is really important to me right now. I don't care to have cool abs that show or biceps, I want a healthy "battle ready" body that I know can do what I want and need it to do.

I've been thinking about what weapons I'd like to learn from martial arts. For me the staff (or bo) is a major one but another one I'd like to learn is a type of sword like the Shaolin Broadsword or katana or something. For one thing it helps build your arm muscles which would help your unarmed combat and its also just cool to know how to use an "ancient" weapon.

I'm still trying to find reasonably priced Iron Rings that I can mess with at home to try and train with.

Another thought of mine is learning forms or moves in "reverse" or the opposite side. I think this would really help with the mastery of moves and would help your coordination, balance etc. An example of what I'm trying is doing "Shi bu quan" but using the left. It's interesting and fun. I've also been watching Jesse Enkamp's videos on Japanese Bunkai so I'm trying to figure out "Shi bu quan's" practical uses.

I've gotta go to work.

I know this blog doesn't get traffic but if someone some day reads this I hope you learn something from my daily thoughts and realizations.


"Sometimes a difficult routine can become your way to relax."

I listened to this again. Its pretty relaxing.


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