Happy Easter

Suggestions on what to read during Easter:

"Mathew 21,26,27, and 28 or
Mark 14-16 or
Luke 19 and 22-24 or
John 12,13,19 and 20"

Covers the last supper, crucifixion and discovery of the empty tomb. Thanks to my dad for giving me these recommendations.

I've began to read Isaiah as the picture I took is from that part in my Bible, to me it seems interesting as I want to know who is this old man? What is he doing? What is his part in this story?

I do enjoy the religious part of Easter as its just a tradition but staying in Wisconsin this Easter was different for me as the people I'm staying with celebrated it differently. The kids found the eggs and baskets in the morning, then we all prepared for their family to come and spent our time outside with a fire. They grilled dinner, drank beer, talked and relaxed which was a nice time and the food was good but I felt weird as there were two traditions missing from it for me. Watching a Christian movie and reading exerpts from the Bible (and another part is opening these eggs to help you learn the story). I guess I'm still getting used to living here.

One thing that bugged me was what one of the kids said while we were watching Captain Ron after this line was said in the movie:

"Oh, hello there boss. My leg feels better now. I've always been a quick healer. You know I believe in Jesus so that's probably why."

And the kid said, "Yea right, like that works". It just disappoints me but I understand that they have their own way of living different to mine and I'm happy they're allowing me to live with them.
Just a weird day for me.
蛇眼 - Shé yǎn "Snake Eyes"
I'm still motivating myself to train and I'm trying to make a deal with a gym so that I can pay a cheaper amount to just come and spar with them since I won't be able to train at a gym with this second shift job.

As silly as it is, these cool photos of Snake Eyes motivate me as I feel that glee of being able to do anything. I would also like to be as good as he is in the comics but I also want to be different. When I look at the Shaolin Monk videos and other martial art videos I think its cool to see so many people able to do these moves but I don't want to be a cookie cutter fighter, I'd like to be unique.

One Quote I like that I read today is:

"A match between two fighters is never a fight between styles, its a fight between the people."

And I think this should resonate with loads of people today because now your skill is based off what art/way that you train and not your actual skill or worth as there are some few people out there that have made these "useless arts" work real well.

So I'll continue to train what I like but try to test it and learn from my tests to improve myself.


"Stay true to what you believe and challenge yourself to build up your faith."

Music listened to while writing this:

BBNO$ - Doubles
BBNO$ - Golden Rule
Boogie - Tired/Reflecions
Boogie - Silent Ride 
Boogie - Self Destruction
Busta Rhymes - Hurt You Feat. Eminem
Lost - Tiger Kung Fu


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