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Getting Used to Wisconsin 我已经习惯了威斯康辛州的生活。

My current "life plan".
  • Work in Wisconsin to save up money for...
  • ...a Kung Fu School in China that I will live and train at for a year until I...
  • ...return to the US and join the military to learn and Master MCMAP where after I will...
  • ...go to University for Business (Major?), Computer Programming, and Chinese (Minor) but while I do this I will...
  • a martial art for my four years hoping to earn a black belt which will finally lead me to...
  • ...building my gym/dojo/temple thingy or just a nice home for myself.
  • 在Wisconsin存钱
  • 然后在中国去武术馆一年
  • 然后回美国加军队
  • 然后去大学(读书吗?)
  • 我在大学的时候会学武术四年(我希望升为黑带)
  • 然后我终于做/买自己的健身房或者梦的家
I should be 31/32 years old when I graduate University. At this age I should have a black belt in MCMAP, a black belt in another art, a certificate in Kung Fu, a degree from college and money from working all this time (Part time in College and save money in Military/Wisconsin).


Writing all of this down makes me realize how much you really can accomplish in a short amount of time if you put in hard work and dedication.


I am still training on my own what little Kung Fu I know and what I remember and can train in Muay Thai. To kick and punch these northern trees would be terrible on my body so I'm waiting to find a gym or buy a punching bag (maybe make one!). What I'm focusing most on for my training at the moment is flexibility and forms/technique. Good technique is said to win fights while flexibility not only helps recovery but also allows you to have a larger range of motion to perform moves.





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