Feeling off and Demons(感觉生病和恶魔)

Today I haven't felt the best. I slept terribly, my breakfast didn't settle with me and overall I've just been fatigued all day. I dreamed about demons again which wasn't the best thing to wake up from.


One thing I have been doing is trying to practice speaking Chinese everyday and learning new words everyday. My friend and I still talk every morning (or night for her) while we still can since I don't have a job. Once I get a job I won't be able to talk to her as much anymore. I will write the words that she taught me below.


DVD 光盘
I have also been practicing my stances and forms from Kung Fu. I have been using this DVD that my dad had given me while I was in Illinois a few years ago. It is very good as it tells you the the basics from stretching to the stances that you need to use in order to learn the rest of the "boxing methods" or "套路“ (taolu).


- Jonah

"Continue to practice what you can everyday. Build your foundation on strong basics."



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