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Writing many posts(在写这么多的更博)

Welp, I've said goodbye to my Kung Fu and Tai Chi classmates. Most of my stuff is all packed into three suitcases weighing about 50+ pounds each and a small backpack weighing about 15 pounds. Tomorrow I leave.

I've spent my last weekend with my friend eating out at two nice restaurants. One of them, called "Miss Du in Chengdu", was way too spicy for me but it did have delicious deserts to eat which I have forgotten the names of. The next day we went to a different restaurant where she said the food wouldn't be spicy, but she still ordered spicy dishes. It was a completely different style of food, all delicious as always. I ate a little Yam Rabbit desert thing that was super sweet, had some great tea and tried a new type of meat out! (Donkey) I ate almost everything besides the 凉米粉 which was, again, too spicy a dish for me.

Luckily, the weather over the weekend has been great so my friend and I had the opportunity to walk around as well as eat at some great restaurants. She took me to go get this special kind of food called 双娘团 which I still have no idea what it is as both times we went and waited in line for an hour they ended up not having it. I bet it was good. We also studied languages together one last time, she helped me look up the characters on my yellow T-Shirt since I didn't know what they were. Still don't quite understand the meaning of the t-shirt but I'll get there!

For the end of the weekend my parents and I spent time together completing some tasks off my checklist. Going to the 御园公园 (Yu Garden) to buy some beads and a short Tai Chi sword. Even though I don't know any Tai Chi movements with the sword I now want to learn them so that I can do them with my new sword! Along with packing my many bags, my parents and I played video games together and talked a lot.
The beads that I bought are called 金刚菩提 (jin gang pu ti) and I bought them because one day my Kung Fu teacher began to talk about this and how to maintain it. They are also called 佛珠手链 (fozhushoulian). I've seen these things all over the place with people using them, holding them and wearing them. Even though they are a Buddhist thing I decided to buy them as these simple beads are a memory from China for me.
I only had 100 RMB left when I went to the airport and instead of buying food I decided to buy this Tai Chi shirt. Since I've now arrived back in Chicago I've been winding down but I've also been writing a list of work I need to do from repairing things, cutting branches, garden work, cleaning storage and auto work. This all means my weeks will be busy before I'm able to settle down in Wisconsin.
南京西路 · 我最后的天日
 Oh well its gonna be quite busy for me but I'm still going to train when I can and continue to write!


(This post was written over the course of many days, hence the length of the post)


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