Thinking about my goals 想着生活的目标

My small post yesterday and recent happenings have gotten me to think about my goals again. They certainly have changed compared to my goals from a few years ago. I want to continue to learn new things and challenge myself in various different ways. I've been taught that every decision and every goal needs a purpose or reason in life so here I'm going to see what my reasoning is behind my goals. This is more to help me than help others but maybe it can help you figure out your own goals.

A few of the goals that I have are to learn different weapons of different styles. The weapons I want to learn are:

-Sword (and Shield)

Another thing I want to do is train in various arts. I've already trained in many but the last few I want to train in are these:

-Kung Fu
Why Kung Fu? My plan for studying more Kung Fu is to go to the school I mentioned in the last post as it allows me to travel, study Kung Fu, improve my health and physical ability, study the language and meet new people and places. A big thing for me is that Kung Fu can train great flexibility, coordination and balance which will help me in other martial arts.

-Kyokushin Karate
Why Kyokushin Karate? For me karate is one of the first martial arts I began to study on my own and as I studied more indepth I found that Kyokushin Karate is one of the few respected Traditional Martial Arts today as it is rough and a very tough art. Another reason I want to do this is because I would like to study it in Japan and to study Japanese but that is a long goal away.

Why MCMAP? For me I want to go to the military because I want to and I feel it would be a complete challenge of everything about me. My character, skills, and spirit. MCMAP is also a modern martial art so I'd like to see how it is trained compared to traditional martial arts. For me I'd like to become a MCMAP trainer which would allow me to experience what it is like to train others.



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