Spring is definitely here(春天到了!)

Spring has definitely came in Shanghai. The weather is sunny and windy, flowers are blooming blah blah blah. Overall, its great. With this change in seasons it seems there is a change for my little life as now I'm packing to head back to the United States. Three suitcases and a book bag are able to fill most of my things. I am leaving some of my things like winter clothes, some books, paints, and drawing supplies.

Since I am leaving I've been doing some last minute things but I realized there isn't much last minute things that I want to do. The real last minute thing that I wanted to do was the Tai Chi and Kung Fu classes. I'm happy that I got that in as I've been able to learn one form called ”十步拳“ (shibuquan). The translation is "Ten Step Fist/Punch". I will continue to practice this and this form has actually inspired me to do something with other martial arts that I practice.

What I want to do with the other martial arts I practice is learn and remember one form that I enjoy doing. In Taekwondo I really enjoyed doing one form that involved the "mountain block" a lot but I've forgotten it now. Since I'll be stopping by my old Taekwondo place (and hopefully finding another in my future home) I want to see if the Sensei there will retrain me in the mountain form.

I don't really remember any of the karate forms being enjoyable to me but I have forgotten those. Maybe if I get a chance to go to a karate place again I can see what one I really want to learn. But, that is my idea; to learn and remember one form from each art then, continue to practice it on my own forever and ever maybe one day working to create my own set of forms/katas to help others learn.

I've also thought of another plan to help me motivate myself and keep track of my progress. I might or might not do this as I have seen my own progress already. Anyway, the idea is to record me training, whether it be weight training, running and/or martial art training, and making some little videos for myself. I obviously wouldn't post these for a wide variety of reasons. I'd especially like to record some sparring matches or potential competitions so that I can learn what to improve on.

Well, I'm a bit tired after eating and training so I think I'm going to cut this one short and maybe do a translation later into Chinese. Spring is nice, packing is a pain, and China has been a lot of fun.


What kind of progress have you guys been making in life, work or school?


Music listened to while writing: Gorillaz


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