My first dream in Chinese 我第一次中文的梦

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Just woke up around 7:30am today and I had my first dream in Chinese. I wanted to write my dream down before it fades away.

"I was in a metro/subway type area going up and down stairs and escalators. Slowly as I keep wandering through these tunnels I see other people heading to other places. I look down at something in my hand and begin to jog as if I was in a rush to get somewhere. That was when I heard someone else jogging behind me so I stopped and turned towards whoever was jogging with me. Maybe they said something to get my attention, I don't remember. I do remember turning around and seeing a bald Asian guy. We began to walk through the tunnels and talking about various things like, 'Where are you going?', 'What are you doing?','What Martial Arts do you do?', etc but we began talking about the Kung Fu school I had been looking at which was strange. I remember all of our conversation being in Chinese. Whenever I tried to speak English, the man wouldn't respond. Suddenly, we arrived in a library full of books. The bald man laughed at a book about Chinese Legos but he began to browse books very quickly. Me, trying to keep up, rushed after him in the library but the moment he turned the corner he was gone and I woke up..."

I don't really know what this dream means but I think it's weird how when the Chinese man disappeared and I was alone in the library I woke up. Maybe I'm thinking too much on whether or not to do this Kung Fu school or not because at the end of the dream it was like the Asian man and all the people never existed, it was just me alone again.


No music and no videos. Just drank juice and wrote this real quick!

"All decisions in life have a cost"


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