Looking for a Job and a Gym(我在找工作和健身房)

I remember now that looking for a job sucks but since I'm getting ready to go back to America I have to do it I've began to look online for jobs close to where I am moving to. Some jobs I've found with some potential are:

  • Aldi
  • Best Buy
  • Lowes
  • University
They are all 12 dollars and hour jobs that would let me earn some good amount of money every month but costs like gas for my car, food, and gym costs take away the amount of money I can save towards the school.


The school requires me to save up 5,630 dollars. That is a lot of money.


If I work for 12 dollars an hour, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week then I will make 480 dollars a week but taxes are taken out after every paycheck. I'd really make about 300 dollars a week putting me at around 900 dollars a month. My car is a gas guzzler so its about 100 dollars in gas a week which makes my 900 dollars a month into 600 dollars a month. Then, I'd like to keep training at a gym which I hope would be 100-150 dollars a month, again reducing my amount of money to 450 dollars a month.


Using this information I have discovered it would take me 12 and a half months to save up enough money just to pay for the Shaolin Monk school.


After 8 months I'd only have 3,600 dollars saved up which is not enough though close. I do need money for while I'm staying there which the school recommends 100-200 dollars a month (or 1200-2000 dollars extra total for the year).


8030 dollars with all these calculations. 18 months of work in order to get this all paid.


Man, I don't like thinking about this but patience is a virtue. All this hard work will pay off.

I'm a little disheartened after this but the thought of me continuing training in my new location, meeting new people, and returning to the states to spend time with family will all make this year of work worth it.


"Patience is a virtue and hard work pays off"


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