Deciding on a job...(我在找工作)

I'm now in the process where my car has been repaired, small tasks completed, storage cleared out and my things repacked for another small move. During all of this I was able to create a small resume and continue my search for a job. I've seen a lot, most paying 10-12 dollars an hour, but what has surprised me is many of these jobs are part time only. Not full time like I am wanting though I found one job that is promising but it does have a lot of cons... so let me rant about it for a bit.

Many jobs I'm looking at are 12 dollars an hour and I have found one full time job at this rate but most are part time. A part time job at this rate would allow me to continue training while slowly saving up money for my China trip but it would take more than a year to save up the money this way. I could continue training with others at a gym so my training quality would be high.

The other option I have is a 16 dollar an hour job that works 12 hours a day and 6 days a week. This is a very big change from my other job but it would give me good work experience but I wouldn't be able to train at a gym due to the long work hours so I'd have to train on my own or just train at a 24/7 gym. But this kind of training would be weight lifting and cardio not fighting, sparring, forms, etc. The good thing about this is my money would increase by a lot and even after the trip I would have money to spare.

Hard Work - Good Pay or Less Work - Better Training? It's a tough question as I not only need money but I need to prepare physically for the Kung Fu School.

Decisions, decisions...



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