Another Weird Dream 另一个奇怪的梦

Well time to explain another weird dream I had:


"I back in my high school computer class doing some programming when many people started telling me, "We'd thought you'd freak out in this class" and things similar to that. After many students told me that my teacher told me that too so I left the class room heading out to the campus. Once in the campus square I started to do my Tai Chi and Kung Fu forms where then I was by myself."

I also went to the Shanghai Wildlife Park recently!

The Shanghai Wildlife Park was actually a cool place to be. It had a wide variety of animals and many little shops with souvenirs and snacks. Even though it was raining when we went many of the animals were out playing or wandering around. The only animals that we didn't see were some birds, some monkeys, and the alligators.


Overall, it was a fun time and we spent about three hours walking around seeing the various different animals. What was crazy or cool to me was that some of the animals were allowed to walk around the place. The peacocks and ring tailed lemurs were just wild and wandered around the place. While we were there a lemur climbed on top of a person!


After going to the wildlife park we ate at a place that had some good noodles and tofu in a slightly spicy soup. What surprised me was that that had the thing called 麻油(mayou) which is a weird oil that they sometimes add to food that makes your mouth feel funny but it is delicious.


Now my current "tasks" are to spend time around Shanghai eating at restaurants, continue training kung fu and muay thai, start packing my things, create a resume, and prepare to return to America. I do hope I can save money to go to the Kung Fu school so that I can return to China and continue my training.


How have you guys been? What are you planning to do?



(More zoo pictures below)





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